3 thoughts on “White privilege

    • Hello Ospreyshire. I read your post on race, and how it has personally effected you. I did not comment because I think now is the time a lot of people like me should be listening, not trying to do the talking. I thought I knew a lot about the racial problems in the US, figured I was doing my part to not only understand but be a good ally. But the last couple years have taught me that despite good intentions I have a lot to learn, to understand how systemic racism effects the core of a POC and is part of every second of their life. One person of color I was listening to said he couldn’t ever stop being a black man, couldn’t ever take his skin off, so every minute of every day in public had to bring his best game all the time. I never realized how utterly stressful and tiring that has to be for this person. I am not saying I and people like me can not help, or that we can not be part of the movement, but this is also a time to listen and learn. Anyway, you are right, it is a huge double standard. We must make sure it changes in this country. This must be the country, be the people that will not tolerate inequality. If it happens to one of us, then it happens to all of us must be made true, and we will not rest until equality is for everyone. Not just in the eyes of the legal system, the justice system, the law, but in every day living, in the beating heart of the country. Hugs

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      • Hey, Scottie. Thanks for checking out that post. I do appreciate you trying to listen (or read in this case) when it came to my story on the matter. I do respect you for wanting to learn and to listen instead of just jumping into the conversation. Thank you for wanting there to be equality in this country.

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