9 thoughts on “GOP Takeover of the Supreme Court: What You Need to Know

  • One of the popular bloggers, Robert Vella, is so upset by this possibility that he has given up blogging. He is completely disgusted with the possibility of six people having that much power – the power, in actual fact, to back tRump if he decides to contest an election. Robert has been trying for 8 years to present information to the reading public and feels that it’s been to no avail. I am not sure that people in North American realize how this power shift will change life – And not for the better – for everyone . 😦

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    • Hello Carmen. I understand. The number of SCOTUS justices is not fixed in the law or the constitution at all, and has fluctuated over the time of the nation. The Republicans have plotted this shift in the courts for decades. They were trying hard to block even moderate older judges from Clinton before McConnell put an almost absolute embargo on Obama Judges. Republicans have realized they are a minority party that is shrinking constantly. They understand the country has changed and grown more progressive and left. As the world got smaller and our people could see how much better people in other countries have it, the country shifted left. Even as the big money donors tried to force both parties to the right ( the left in our country is the right in most other countries ) Their only hope to keep their views in power was to make the court as ideological as they are.

      Clinton lost the electoral college by only about 77,000 votes over 3 states. The 3rd party candidates got a little over that number of votes. Voting for third party candidates was a vote for tRump and a negative vote for Hillary. There was no way a third party candidate could ever win, it not possible. It is why the tRump campaign is trying so hard to get Kanye West on the ballot in swing states, to draw votes away from Biden. Robert on his blog was a very firm third party supporter and preached that people should vote their conscience. While we talked often about it back then, I have not brought it up again, but he has several times. If he is angry about the situation maybe he should have voted the better of the only two people who could win, instead a throw away ballot for a fantasy. If Hillary was president the justices nominated for the court wouldn’t be radically right.

      The solution is not to quit, it is to keep fighting for what is right and possible. It is to work with in the system to get your ideas in to practice and laws. The right understands this, that is why they don’t quit. For example they have spent decades trying to stop the right of abortion. Every year they pass illegal laws and got smacked down, mostly. But they kept at it, and slowly chipped away that right to where now in some states it is almost gone. Same with other things like religion in politics and laws. They keep trying, ignoring that clearly the constitution is against that, but they win a bit even as they lose. They have almost won the enshrining of their Christian doctrines into law, and with the new SCOTUS justice they will do so. So we on the left have to be just as tenations and willing to push the boundaries. The right packed the courts, we expand them and unpack them. Another note. Right now on cases about tRump in the courts, his nominees are not ruling on the law but on their religion and in favor of tRump. So far they have been overruled every time, but it is clear they put loyalty to tRump over the rule of law. Hugs

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      • Thank you, Scottie, for taking the time to explain the political dynamics; much of which I don’t ‘get’ as I have really only been paying attention to American politics since 2016. . .and probably should not even be commenting on. :). All I know is, I feel for the American people who are caught in the quandary of loving their country and feeling so frustrated by what’s been happening since then. Again, many thanks.

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        • Hello Carmen. I am happy to explain our messed up system to any who ask. However never sell your comments short. Often people from other countries spot things we in the US miss. I am glad to have your voices. Hugs

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  • Scottie, where did you get McConnell’s picture? That is priceless, and sad given the circumstance.

    I am reading John Grisham’s book “The Appeal” right now and it draws attention to money now being spent in dark rooms to get state judges who favor limited liability cases. What scared me was the sneak attack approach, where they enlist a candidate that looks right with no history, prepare a campaign silently and the announce on the unsuspecting judge just before the deadline to file for candidacy. What is frightening is we have seen that here in NC.

    So, we must not lose sight of the real purpose for the SCOTUS majority – money. Roe v Wade and the war on ACA and civil liberties are fodder to the base to garner votes. Keith

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