10 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump, the super spreader

  • Scottie, we wish him and his wife well in their recovery, but this is hopefully a wake-up call that a pandemic is serious and doesn’t care what your zip code or bank account is. With that said, the press made Larry Kudlow put on a mask when he briefed reporters yesterday. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes I seen a clip of that. Well so now we can drop the idea that the Covid virus is a Democratic hoax, right? Right? I doubt it.

      I do wonder though, the president’s case progressed really fast according to the medical people on TV. Then they announced that he was given an experimental treatment still in trials that they are not sure works. There is a possibility he has the virus and is really ill, or he is playing a reality TV drama skit. He has shown he will use every part of government to do that. Could it be he will have a sudden miracle healing and prance around as he claims he has superhuman immune system, or will he claim that the virus is not that bad as was claimed? The fact that he / his administration lies so much and easily it is believable that he is playing a game. Hugs

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      • Scottie, I don’t think he is pretending as this narrative does not work in his favor. It shows a cavalier attitude and a person who is not interested in protecting people on his team or funding his campaign. Three more team members are now positive. This is the same sociopathic thinking he exhibited in February with his most loyal fans. My thinking is he so concerned with perception, that reality may bite him in the hind end. He should avoid leaving the hospital early as it may cause him problems when he gets to the White House. His joy ride to wave at his fans was irresponsible, so say his doctors. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. Seems I was correct about him prancing around claiming to be superhuman. He is telling people Covid is nothing to worry about. Basically he is telling everyone to go back to the way things were before Covid, don’t bother with masks or any other precautions, and just think I saved you from Covid so reelect me. Hugs


          • I keep think of the spoof by Billy Crystal of Fernando Lamas, “It is better to look good, than to feel good.” From what I have heard, days 7 – 10 are the ones that are most critical. But, there is no question he will play up his vitality in a false bravado. Keith

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  • I thought the “virus” ones were really good … not so much the others. 😐

    I don’t wish ill will towards Trump, but if he comes out of this and does what you suggest in your comment to Keith … he is even more corrupt that I would have ever thought!

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    • Hello Nan. I just played for Ron tRump’s recorded video. He took care of Covid patients in the ICU. He said tRump has a mild symptom case, as there is no way he could have talked so easily if he had more than a mild case. It does sound to me as if tRump who is a known germaphobe panicked when he started to feel bad. When they gave him the O2, his White House staff may have urged him to go to the hospital or he may have realized to go and miraculous heal would play great with his base. Look how he reacted to the fact he went to the WH bunker during a protest. He can not allow himself to look less than the super tough guy. So I don’t know, but what I heard him say in this video supports the idea he had a mild case, panicked, received the best treatment that is not available to most of us, and is now bragging about how great he is to defeat the virus. Again notice how he got treatments that are limited as to who can get them. Must be nice to be the king. Hugs


      • There’s no doubt that money and position have perks. It’s just when “they” rub our nose in it that things get really infuriating.

        I don’t at all doubt Ron’s “diagnosis,” but many articles say that things often don’t get all that hinky for 5-7 days. Depending on who you believe as to when he first had symptoms, he’s still in that range so things could change. Yes?

        In my heart of hearts, I don’t wish bad on anyone. But damn! He needs to, at the very least, feel some of the stronger effects so he can appreciate what others go through. But regrettably, he probably won’t and then he’ll strut around like he’s untouchable.

        Question … even if he ends up with only a mild case, will there be any after-effects? Like will he be weak and tired out from his body fighting this? Will he have to — horror of horrors — have to cut back on his campaign rallies?

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        • Hello Nan. The fact that tRump couldn’t stay in the hospital with a known case of the virus, but needed to put everyone at risk by taking a trip to see his supporters shows all we need to know about him and how he will react. How can any governor or elected official demand someone quarantine when their Dear Leader wont. Now tRump is demanding to leave the hospital early. Well he is going home to a complete medical facility and a medical staff most people don’t have in their homes. But again his followers will figure if their Dear Leader does it they get to. Hugs


          • You’re absolutely correct! The average Joe on the street will be lucky to even get a room in an over-crowded hospital.

            While I totally understand the PRESIDENT of the U.S., of necessity gets the finest of care, like so many others, it eats at me simply because that person is TRUMP.

            I’ve read that some of the medication he’s getting can give a feeling of euphoria … so this may have something to do with his bleating that “all is well.” However, if true, maybe the letdown will bring him back to reality. fingers crossed

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