17 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump even now is still a con man

    • Hello equinoxio21. The one post I try to do even when not feeling well is the daily roundup. I love editorial cartoons / memes. Sadly many media companies have stopped including them putting some out of business, and other media companies are clamping down on content ideas during the time of tRump, not allowing cartoons against the Dear Leader. I have a feeling it is a dying art form. Hugs

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        • Hello Brian. Sadly the US is slow to understand print media is dying. When I got out of the military I made sure to rent a home with space for a book library. This was late 1980’s. My first home I bought I had a spare bedroom I turned into a library, to me a room full of books to read and a comfortable chair was the idea of luxury.

          Times change. In the late 1990’s my new home had computer space and few book shelves. It did have to room dividers for books but that was a far cry from the books I use to have. I still got several newspapers and had cable TV with VCRs to watch / record all the news shows

          Times kept changing. Today all my books I keep on my tablet and phone, and all my news is on the computers. My newspapers I read are on the computer also. It does save a lot of space and it is easier to hold a table than a big heavy book.

          But now that people are not buying print the media has not been able to find a way to adjust and make enough profit to make the owners happy. The only newspaper medias doing well are the ones bought by billionaires with the idea they wont need to turn a profit. All the smaller outfits have to cut corners, and cartoons are the corners they have decided to cut. I think editorial cartoons will soon not be a way for artist to make a living. Hugs

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          • Interesting. I agree with you, the print media (and publishing industry) haven’t got a clue what to do. Usually happens in a dying industry. Change comes from the outside.
            I keep my books. I still have about 3,000. I know that when I die, my daughters will keep some, and donate the rest to French Lycée here. (If they still receive them!) 📚

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    • Hello equinoxio21. Funny, Randy was just asking the same thing, he says he can tell when I am not feeling well, my posting changes. I have a stomach bug I am fighting. Should be over it in a few days. Thanks. How have you been? I hope all is well. Are things opening up again where you are? Hugs

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      • I also noticed your absence and was getting a bit concerned! Sorry you’re not up-to-snuff. Maybe you need to cut back on all those cookies and cake and ice cream! 😄

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        • Hello Nan. The making of the cookies was the last things I really did. Then this set in. Ron did not want the kids to come over as I was already not feeling well, so he took them the cookies. I feel like crap, but hopeful it will pass in a day of so. I don’t have a fever, which is good. I keep having break out of sweats, then they pass. Intestinal cramps and stomach pain. Ron is watching it, and is making sure I read and drink lots of non-caffeinated water. I couldn’t get up this morning. I normally get up between 3 to 4 AM. I forced myself up at 7 AM, and after I did my roundup post I went back to bed. Really tired now, Ron suggest I go back to bed, but I wanted to answer comments. Hugs


      • Make sure you take car of that bug. Restaurants have re-opened. We’re not going. Schools haven’t. So we have our grandson here twice a week for on-line class. Fun, but it has its limitations.

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