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Trump Worried Hospitalization Makes Him Look Weak

He hasn’t even mentioned Hope Hicks or any of the other people close to him who are infected (except Melania).

Malignant Narcissist. It’s all about him and only him.

His videos of “suffering” are in stark difference from Chris Cuomo’s and every other CoVid patient video I have seen

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    • I saw that clip on YouTube from CNN last night. As soon as he got up those steps to the balcony and faced the press, he took it off, put it in his pocket and stood there for the cameras for several minutes, then went back in.
      My initial reaction was it’s just clickbait and even this fool can’t be that stupid. But then again, he’s discharged (probably AMA at any other facility) far too early, at his own insistence.
      I wonder if Melania, who apparently decided to quarantine herself inside to not put anybody else at risk, is gonna berate the hell out of him.
      I bet if you put a bottle with a skull and crossbones in front of him and told him it’s a new energy drink and only the manliest of men even try to drink it, he’d down it without a thought.
      Somebody on The Damage Report commented that this is proof that toxic masculinity hurts men, too, because they all think they gotta be macho, especially when it comes to their health. She expressed frustration that the idiot was gonna kill himself because he can’t be weak. It’s all lunacy.

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      • Hello Chatty Introvert. On State Propaganda TV they are declaring him heroic. They are saying his battle with Covid is like Churchill fighting the Germans. Hannity is comparing him to FDR and Churchill.

        tRump is trying hard to drum the theme that he was the leader, that he deliberately got Covid to show the nation it was not bad and he was super strong and could beat it. Don’t let Covid dominate you is deliberate use of language to appeal to his base of thug and boys worried about their manhood.

        Real men don’t worry about being macho, real men secure in themselves don’t need to prove they are men, they already know it.

        This is all about trying to get people to forget how deadly the Covid is. This is about getting people to going back to doing everything they did before the virus hit. Why would he want people to risk that? Because it will help the economy temporarily, it will get the money flowing, and flowing money helps the stock market. We are not hearing much about it but the stock market is in trouble despite the money the government is pumping into the market. That is because the Republicans refuse to give money to the non-wealthy who really keep the money flowing and the economy going. Lower incomes spend, they buy and sell and that keeps things going. That keeps the wealthy getting more money. But now the lower income can not buy so now one can sell. That is entirely the fault of the Republicans who won’t give the lower class the money they need to survive. So the idea is to fool the people into going back to work, to stir up more anti-mask people, more open up everything demonstrations. Peoples health and lives be damned. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Yes, he thinks this makes him heroic. He doesn’t care about the workers or others in the building, just his image and his comfort. He mused that he felt he must be immune now, as he thinks he is over it. He is not yet, but he thinks that. Hugs


      • Since the event, there has been much talk about his ‘heavy breathing’ after removing his mask — which once it’s brought to your attention becomes very noticeable. Now some might say it has something to do with his walk up the stairs, but more likely it’s an effect from the virus. Not only that, IMO, his face looked puffy.

        But of course all this is just the observer’s view. Due to his oversized ego, we’ll most likely never know what is truly going on with him. Until he’s readmitted to the hospital …

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        • Hello Nan. It is well know this Covid virus hits the lungs first and hard. It also is know he only went to the hospital after he had several bouts of needing O2. His lungs have been damaged that is clear and that is why they won’t talk about his lung scans, or his CT chest scans. It shows the damage, and he doesn’t want people to know how damaging the virus can be in a short period of time and he really don’t want anyone to think he has suffered an ill effects. Plus ever one who has had this, even young healthy people have said it left them feeling weakened and fatigued. Some have never recovered from that. So the idea tRump could have it with no side effects is stupid and unbelievable. But again tRump is trying to make reality what he wants it to be as he always has. He is denying reality and replacing it with his own. Sadly it keeps working, he really is the man behind the curtain. Hugs

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  • I’m not a Dr – I don’t even play one on TV – but no way in hell is a 74-yr-old morbidly-obese, no-exercisin, crappy-diet-eatin schlub like Hair Füror go home so quickly, if he REALLY had contracted the Virus. Yes, I understand that a conspiracy of this magnitude would be logistically unlikely to succeed, but not if you consider the loyalty he demands of his staff, but also that Walter Reed is a MILITARY Hospital, and all those Drs are members of the military, and are duty-bound to obey every order from the C-in-C.
    For those NOT in the Military? How about a threat to have them whisked to a “Black-site,” and “disappeared” forever, or charged with some type of Treasonous Activity, for trying to even mention the Pres is/was faking it?
    I was just never able to digest all the hyperbole, it’s sticking in my craw, yet somehow it’s causing heartburn simultaneously. I have never in my life been so fearful of The Powers That Be, that they have so much power to manipulate us.
    The only other explanation that comes to mind is that he was being spoon-fed (sometimes at his own demand, like with the experimental drugs at Walter Reed,) some superlative preventatives since Feb., and thus he suffered only a mild case. Or, he could have demanded a shot of an only partially-tested vaccine that shows promise, and had a reaction to it that mimicked Covid.

    But no way did he have a full-blown case of it. The lies have been thicker than flies at a slaughterhouse.

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    • Hello Dennis. I think he did have a moderate case that still messed up his lungs. It was the lung breathing issue they are trying hard to cover up. If you watch the video of his pretend triumphant return there is a time frame he is struggling for air. Plus remember going back to home for him is the white house. There he has a complete medical complex and a full time medical staff. He has an attending doctor at all times. All things the rest us of don’t have. I think he got the virus and knew it the night of the debate. He was hoping to infect Joe and his family was trying to infect the Biden people. I think he had trouble breathing, got scared because he really is a pampered coward, and he panicked and went to the hospital. But hospitals have rules and tRump hates to follow the rules. So he fought to do what he wanted, and as they are military and he is the CC, they had to let him. I did hear one doctor was so angry about him going for the joy ride he resigned from treating tRump even though that may end his career.

      Now he is home and clearly refusing to wear a mask, he is talking resuming his rallies. His reelection is the only thing he is caring about. He mused on twitter he is immune now. His people and State Propaganda TV are touting how great and strong he is, how heroic, how like Churchill fighting the Germans is his battle against the Covid virus, the one he claimed so many times was just going to go away. Sickening, but he is entirely trying to play to his base, because he intends to throw the election to SCOTUS which he hopes to have his new person on to grant him the election even as he loses. Hugs

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      • I agree.

        HOWEVER, having said that, I would not put it past Trump lying about the entire thing. Yes, it’s “over-the-top,” but he is one desperate man right about now with Biden whipping his ass in the polls. (And we all know what awaits him is he loses.)

        None of us — even the WH — can know for sure what happened behind the closed doors of Walter Reed Hospital since the real virus prevents anyone but hospital workers to have direct contact. I would hate to think it could go this far, but …

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        • Hello Nan. I just got a news alert that the stock market is crashing. Why? because tRump tweeted he has stopped any negotiation on a new stimulus until after the election, which is desperately needed country wide. The stock market was already jittery because of tRump being in the hospital, and he just shot at them with scatter shot from a shotgun. WTF could he be thinking. A stimulus just before an election is the incumbent dream. So what could be the real hang up. I think Pelosi managed to get the Postal Service money and fixes in there, and tRump can not have that , it could hurt his election rigging. Hugs


            • guess he thinks if he can convince enough people that the virus isn’t that deadly or scary (despite the numbers, the numbers, the freaking NUMBERS), that they’ll be glad to be back to work and won’t say anything about the lack of help that’s coming. Of course, it takes a while to get a paycheck after a lengthy absence and most folks need help RIGHT NOW!

              Another trick to hold the election hostage, and this one’s a very filthy one.

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              • Hello Chatty Introvert. It is not only the people who are now getting very desperate, or who have already lost everything. The fed chairman says with out congress acting now, the harm will be much worse, the recovery softer and take longer, and the job losses will become permanent for a long time. When tRump tweeted he ordered his people to stop working on a stimulus package the stock market tanked. The stock market is not the economy but tRump thinks it is. He thought it would make the Democrats crumble before him and accept his wishes, instead he had to walk it back, not Pelosi. Hugs

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                • I have had my blood boiling for days, and after a nap yesterday I was able to rein it in and watched Beau’s video (I noticed you linked to it) and we tend to forget about the drugs and the altered mind of folks who’ve gone through the virus and treatments without dying, whether it’s breathing issues or an altered mental state. Give it a week and he’ll be tweeting “Fake News! I’d never do that to the economy.”

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  • Oh. My. Gawd! I have your blog up on my screen and now WP is telling me that I’m not following. This is getting ridiculous! The only thing I can figure is they want everyone to use the Reader — which I personally find quite cumbersome.

    And along that line of thought, I just now had the Reader up on my screen and “liked” Polly’s comments but neither one is showing. Maybe once this comment posts, WP will wake up.

    I’m beginning to think a lot of the problems has to do with their new editor because, as you found out, you couldn’t use your old theme … and the NEW themes apparently aren’t on very good speaking terms with Gutenberg.

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    • Hello Nan. I am at a loss. But you are still getting emails of my posts correct? Because I find I am getting notifications of new posts via email, but when I go to the blogs to read them it shows the follow button. I already am but they seem not to know it. Like you I do not use the reader, it is a pain. Plus it doesn’t show up on peoples page viewer counts as I understand it.

      On the old theme I often had trouble with the size of the cartoon / memes. It would be too large and I would have to resize them. Now if I don’t use the classic and try to just put a meme or twitter in a post by just dropping it it, I have a fight to publish the post, it rejects it saying I can not place that object there. I hate the new editor and can not see how it is an improvement in anyway to cause the users so much trouble. I know the new editor is for businesses, somehow this makes it so their I.T. departments can put in checkouts and other money making things, but who are the majority of the users of WordPress? Corporations or private users? If you look at what they tout with the new system it is something called layers, and other business things. They are really making a push away from the private personal blogger and to a more corporate provider. I just don’t know where to go? Where to take my blog. With everything else I feel very frustrated. If it was not such a security issue I would self host. Hugs


      • I agree … I prefer to get my notifications via email (and yes, I’m still getting them).

        I am currently trying to create a WIX blog. I have no idea what I’ll do with it as I don’t plan to move Nan’s Notebook since it’s been around so long (I’ll just have to learn to put up with Gutenberg) — but I decided to see how it works. It’s different, so there’s obviously a bit of a learning curve, but so far it seems a bit more user-friendly. Of course I’m just getting started so my opinion could change.

        Is “self-hosting” different than hosting with an regular provider (e.g., BlueHost, SiteGround, InMotion, etc.)? From what I’ve read, hosting providers are generally very safe … and last I knew, they’re definitely less expensive than hosting with WP. Sidenote: BlueHost promotes their WP security.

        When it comes to stuff like this, you’re considerably more knowledgeable than me. 😋

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        • Hello Nan. I wouldn’t say I am more knowledgeable, I have not even looked into other blog hosting companies yet. A self-hosted blog is one that resides on your own server. I looked Bluehost. Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. The company operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet facility in Orem, Utah. Bluehost employs over 750 people in its Utah facility. I just looked up HostGator. Neither them nor Bluehost offer the sort of things like no advertisements. Hugs


          • I didn’t investigate that deeply, but I’m surprised at your comment about advertising. This must be something new as ages back when I paid for my own domain (I used GoDaddy), there was never any advertising on my sites.

            Of course it’s not surprising if this is so because as we all know, $$$$$ has become the defining factor over all else. Yes, it’s always been an influencer, but much more so in today’s world.

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            • Hello Nan. When you get an email about a new post do you get a lot of them that say this post supported by … and the email has an advertisement? I use an ad blocker, so when I started paying for my Toy Box one of the things I paid extra for was the right to not have WordPress put advertisements on my blog or my posts. I still do. The blog owner signed into their own blog may not see the advertisements, but everyone going to a blog that doesn’t pay for no ads sees banner and other advertisements unless they have an adblocker. I figure if people are paying for the space then the company doesn’t have the right to bombard the viewers of that site with advertisements that feed the profits of the company. Hugs


              • Yes … there are often ads at the bottom of the emails related to blog post notifications, but I hardly notice them anymore. The emails that I get related to posted comments don’t have them.

                And yes, they are often at the bottom of some people’s blog posts … but again, I guess I’m so used to them, they aren’t intrusive to me at all. I do have Adblock, but it’s the “freebie” so maybe this is why the ads aren’t blocked on blog posts … or maybe it’s because I don’t have it set to ignore them … ??

                But I do see your point related to company profits.

                And if I understand you correctly, even though you used a hosting company other than WP, you would still have advertising on your site simply because you’re using their platform … unless you paid extra NOT to have them. Right?

                In other words, WP has you coming and going.

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                • Hello Nan. Basically yes, see the two companies I looked up which are rated highly do not offer a no ad ability at all. They retain the right to show ads and make a profit off your blog that way. Also these two use WordPress software as their base platform so not sure how much advantage it would be to change to them. I am still confused. Hugs


                  • Again … this was years ago, but when I had my “regular” sites, I used Dreamweaver to create my pages. The various hosts may have offered WordPress as a platform, but I really don’t recall.

                    As many have indicated, Gutenberg is more for business sites, so why doesn’t WP keep the Classic Editor for the lower-end (personal) blogs? Among today’s accomplished web techs, it can’t be that hard to set things up this way so people would have an option.

                    If money is the prime reason behind their actions, they could simply require anyone who has a registered domain name to automatically be assigned to the Gutenberg platform. Us “free-loaders” could continue using the Classic Editor. Of course, I realize this would mean someone like yourself that has their own domain wouldn’t have a choice. Maybe there really isn’t a happy medium. sigh

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                    • Hello Nan. I would be happier with a easy way to get to classic, even though they have made it easier than in the beginning I still have to click the + button and type c in the search box. When I asked the support chat why they couldn’t just keep doing the asking before you post, they told me that WordPress did not want to have to keep, maintain, and offer two different programs for posting. It was a money thing they told me, thinking that would shut up my complaining, that did not work. All I want is it to go back to when you clicked on write it would come up and say use the new editor and below it would say stay with classic or something like that. They are still offering the classic but I am not sure for how long. Hugs


                    • My understanding is Classic will only be around until 2022.

                      I’m still trying to figure out why a post I’m currently working on will only show in the Classic mode … ??? I started it in Gutenberg (just a couple of lines) and then “saved” it. When I retrieved it, I said I wanted to edit in Classic and all worked fine … except when I save it now and say I want to open in the new editor … nothing is there?!?!

                      With all the CRAP that’s going on in the U.S. — and we have to put up with this (lower-case) crap in our blogging lives! Grrrrr!

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                    • Hello Nan. 🤔😣🤐😜😝😓😕😩😤

                      I understand. I have posts I have to try to post for ten minutes changing things as I get the you are not allowed to put that item there red line, or some other thing. This is a disaster that I still do not understand why they are pushing. Someone a couple years ago pushed all these companies that this was the greatest thing in blog hosting. It do something that we don’t understand. It must save them money somehow, or gain them money? It must help business as it sure doesn’t help us. Is it a step to some other thing they want to launch? Every time I try to change something I get the block menu that talks about layers? What are layers, the only ones I know are in photos and that is about photoshopping. I wonder if it is something that underneath it all helps the government with spying or something? Because i can not make sense of causing this much upset and anger in your customer base. Hugs

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