ABC News: ‘An embarrassment’: Trump tweet angers pandemic survivors

‘An embarrassment’: Trump tweet angers pandemic survivors
Some survivors of COVID-19 and people who have lost loved ones to the pandemic are angry over President Donald Trump’s advice not to fear the disease

Read in ABC News:

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17 thoughts on “ABC News: ‘An embarrassment’: Trump tweet angers pandemic survivors

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. been up since 3 am because this walking sick joke has made things ten times worse all the way up to and through the election and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

      I’m gonna go get some pet food, some basic staples to stock up on, and I’m not leaving my house again til the election, because I know I’m gonna see some fools who will be far less likely to take precautions now, even if they were before.

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    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. I have worked hard to take that emotion out of myself. I have to for my own self good not allow hate to live in me, and you understand why. But I do understand your feeling toward tRump, and I admit I am angry to the point of rage at him and all the Republicans, especially Moscow Mitch. I will enjoy their losing their positions of power and I hope everything they have done can be undone as much as they tried to undo a black man having been President. They have tried hard to remove Obama from history as the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs tried to erase from history someone they did not like. Hugs

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  • Scottie … where did the “like” button go for your post?

    GAWD! I hate this “new and improved” WordPress. Not only the “Gutenberg” editor, but it seems a bunch of other features are either missing or not operating as usual. Grrrr!

    Maybe if hundreds of us send emails to WP and simply say “I HATE the new editor!”, they’ll get the message?

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      • So I tried to “like” your post and it wouldn’t acknowledge it. So I had to go into the WP Reader where all my “subscribed” blogs are, find this post, open it, and then click the “like” star.

        What in the F*** is going on with WP? They are screwing things up royally!!!

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          • Everything seems to be working now. I have NO IDEA what caused all the mess earlier today! BUT … it’s still happening on some blogs. I click to “like” the blog post and all I get is a white box that flashes on the left of my screen and the “like” never appears.

            It has done this same action on other occasions, but within a 2-3 seconds, the blog page would reload and the “like” would be there. Now I just get the flash.


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    • Hello Nan. As you know I have done my part of complaining. At least they have gone from if you don’t like it go to another provider, to being willing to help. But I think this is for businesses. I think the new editor offers them something we normal bloggers don’t use, something that wordpress can make money on. Remember that one of the first support chat I had the person told me this was a business money decision and wouldn’t change because it saved the company money. I am not sure what we can do, but I noticed they have made it a lot easier for me to get to the classic menu. Hugs

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      • Apparently I’m back to being able to “like” stuff. What a fiasco!

        And they’re saying the Classic Menu will be G.O.N.E. in another couple of years so one had better learn the new way … or else.

        But as you say, $$$$$ is the prime motivator.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes I seen it this morning. I did not post it because it seems they were arguing about everything before they even got to masks. They seem to have a problem with each from the start, and then I read that they had an issue with the way one of them treated the waitress. To me it was not an anti-mask story but a story of two belligerent old men who couldn’t set aside their need to be right over someone else to just have a good night. It is the need to dominate like tRump had during the debate.

      The debate was triggering for me. The need to dominate, to not let the person get a word in , in the house I grew up in the person who yelled the loudest was the clear winner, the one most violent was the clear winner. The first few years Ron and I were together every time we had a disagreement he had to tell me not to shout. I would respond I am not shouting just raising my voice. He would ask why do you need to do that? It took years I admit, for Ron to work on those ingrained habits and scared little boy responses out of me. I still today have to be conscious in a disagreement not to raise my voice too much, it is not needed, yet part of me thinks it is.

      To me these two old me were the poisonous people I grew up with, willing to argue and fight over everything and anything, no quarter could be given to the other side. It sickens me that the US has come to glorify that deplorable lowest common denominator. Think about it, if these guys could have just said fuck it and fuck him, and gone to opposite ends of the bar and got drunk leaving it alone both would be alive. Instead the need to force others to your view killed one and will ruin the life of the other as he spends his senior years in a prison. Hugs

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      • Sorry.

        Sidenote: You’re very fortunate to have Ron to help you work through all the crap you endured as you were growing up. And you can tell him I said so. 🥰

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