3 thoughts on “New York Magazine: ‘Owning the Libs‘ Now Means Catching the Virus

    • Hello Polly. The fact is a very small part of our population has gotten the virus. Despite the many, far too many, deaths and the 7 million who have tested positive for it, we are a country of 336 million. So many people and families are unaffected by it. That leads a lot of people to think it is over hyped and a hoax. Yet now as many states are starting to feel the effects of their governors refusal to take precautions it will start to overwhelm the hospitals and medical systems. It is going to rage through these states like a wildfire. It will be NY times 100 if not times 1000. Hugs


    • Just wish they weren’t so blasé about maybe taking everyone else down with them. But that’s typical when you’re in a me-me-me mindset.
      As one of my fave folks on the net, Beau, likes to day: it’s time to stop yelling about your rights and be concerned with your responsibilities. I don’t think most of these folks know what the word “responsible” means.

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