Trump Camp Tells NC Officials To Ignore Ballot Rules

Trump Camp Tells NC Officials To Ignore Ballot Rules

The Associated Press reports:

When Donald Trump’s campaign took issue with a new rule on processing some votes in North Carolina, it didn’t just complain to the Board of Elections and file a lawsuit. It wrote to some of the state’s 100 local election offices with extraordinary guidance: Ignore that rule.

“The NC Republican Party advises you to not follow the procedures,” Trump campaign operative Heather Ford wrote in an email to county officials last week. The email urging defiance was a small glimpse at the unusually aggressive, hyperlocal legal strategy the Trump campaign is activating as voting begins.

Through threatening letters, lawsuits, viral videos and presidential misinformation, the campaign and its GOP allies are going to new lengths to contest election procedures county-by-county across battleground states.

Read the full article.

2 thoughts on “Trump Camp Tells NC Officials To Ignore Ballot Rules

  • didn’t one person already get arrested for trying to vote twice down there? Well, a brief glance shows Nevada and Iowa had a few folks do it. Sheesh. Dump won’t be able to pay his own bail anymore, what makes you think he can pay for yours?!

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes the Republicans really project when they accuse others of doing something wrong. What I find interesting is here is a major party campaign, the incumbent’s campaign telling county election officials to ignore the laws and rig the election for them. How is that legal, and is that what tRump means when he keeps saying the election is rigged and full of fraud? Hugs

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