Visibly Struggling Trump Begs World to Believe He’s Fine

Notice the point Sam clearly makes.   This hospital that is considered one of the best in the country, that tRump is praising is entirely government run.   This is not just government insurance, it is a government run everything single payer paid for by the US government.  Every doctor is a US government employee.  This is the healthcare coverage the progressives want for everyone in the country, not just the wealthy and powerful.  This is a shining example of how it can work country wide for everyone.   Hugs

4 thoughts on “Visibly Struggling Trump Begs World to Believe He’s Fine

  • The trouble is he seems to be surrounded by sycophants who don’t want to upset the baby and they’re supposed to be trained, serious doctors. Of course, being naval doctors, they’ve gotta take orders and respect higher ups. But when it comes to health, they’re supposed to be the ones in charge.

    I think of it like one of my favorite lines from The Towering Inferno, when the builder is annoyed that they’ll have to evacuate to lower floors and he complains to Steve McQueen’s fire chief character.
    “The mayor’s out there. Do you want me to pull rank?”
    “Mister, when there’s a fire, I outrank everybody here.”

    The docs should’ve kept him in quarantine in his special little suite for 2 weeks. I suppose there’s not gonna be an issue until White House workers start dropping dead because of his bull… then what’ll they say.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Doctors can not hold a patient against their will unless it is a suicide / self abuse risk. If a patient insists on leaving the simply sign a form saying they left against doctors orders.

      tRump is convinced he is smarter and knows more than anyone, that includes generals, scientist, and doctors. He wouldn’t listen if he wanted to do something else. But the fact he endangered everyone means nothing to him. Hugs

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