AGs Huddle Over Potential For Armed “Poll Watchers”

AGs Huddle Over Potential For Armed “Poll Watchers”

Michigan Live reports:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said her office is reviewing how open carry laws intersect with the right to vote without fear of harassment as President Donald Trump urges supporters to watch the polls on Nov. 3.

Nessel joined the Democratic attorneys general of Wisconsin and Nevada on a press call Tuesday focused on threats to the upcoming election. Attorneys general expressed concern that the president’s call for his supporters to guard against “a rigged election” could cause voters to be intimidated at polling places on Election Day.

A series of armed protests at the Michigan Capitol this summer raised questions about whether gun-toting poll watchers could create a dangerous situation on Election Day. Nessel said she will be providing guidance to local law enforcement officers before the election.

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5 thoughts on “AGs Huddle Over Potential For Armed “Poll Watchers”

  • didn’t some states used to have restrictions on carrying firearms on election day? Hell, can’t every state, if they don’t have that stipulation, just make signs and designate the polling places as no carry zones for the day?

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Not that easy. There use to be a federal court decree about polling places, but the SCOTUS got rid of it. In many of these states there is very lax open carry laws, even allowing open carry in bars. So the polling places, the towns, the counties can only work with in the laws in place, which will make it very hard to restrict guns in voting places. Most places will have armed police on duty. We can only hope they will do their duty, with out feeling intimidated or being ideologically in agreement with the armed pool watchers trying to disrupt POC voting. I feel sorry for the poll workers, most who are elderly and do not need this on top of the Covid threat. We are a democracy. Voting should be not only a right but a responsibility / duty in a democracy. In a democracy the elected officials should be pushing everyone to vote, but instead we have a minority Republican party trying hard to keep people from voting because their ideas / polices are unpopular with the people and yet they wont change. They do not want to do what the people they represent want them to do , they want to force those people to do as the wealthy donors want. Hugs

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      • The more I see what’s been going on, the more I start thinking about “if I were running for president…” Well, one of the biggest things I’d wanna tackle if I was a candidate would be fixing the voting process. Have more polling places available based on population needs. Fix early voting for every state OR make election day an “election week” which includes the weekend. More transparency regarding what’s to be voted on and who for each county (maybe a database to make you be able to search by county so you can research easier–newspapers tend to help the cities, out county we’re on our own)

        And what absolutely needs fixing: get every state to go over their registered voter lists, check identities, and check their purged lists. If someone was “accidentally” purged because of mistaken identity or whatever lousy crap excuse they’ve used over the years, send a letter with a new voter registration form (or to prevent tampering) give them precise, simple directions for how to re-register to vote at their post office. It’s sick to me the amount of bureaucratic or party-driven mistakes that have taken people off the voter registration lists for no fault of these folks’ own. People have the right to vote, and if they’ve done nothing to have that right relinquished, then dammit, they should never have been purged in the first place. They should be more careful, no more of this “oops” business.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. The entire problem comes down to the Republican’ policies are not what the population wants. The Republicans do not want to implement things the people want.

          For example the people in the state of Florida passed amendment 4 with a clear majority. It said if a felon served their sentence they could vote. If they did the time they got their right to vote back. It was clear. However the Republicans did not want that, so they wrote a law and passed it making it nearly impossible for a felon to get their right to vote back. They wrote the law saying that felons need to pay all fines and court costs and any other fees before they could have their rights back. The people did not want that. But what is worse there is no way they can tell a felon what they owe, and there is no one to pay the money to. So basically they negated the will of the people. They do this all the time in Florida. A few years ago the people passed an amendment for medical marijuana, yet we still do not have it in the state. The legislature simply wont write the laws to implement it. Why when they use it also? Pharmaceuticals do not want it, it would cut into the profit from pills.

          I read that some other states were doing the same thing. In Utah the people passed several amendments that the state Republican legislature simply ignored or wrote the laws totally different than the people voted for. It pisses me off and shows how the Republicans do not care what the people want, they do not represent the people, they want the people to do as the Republicans tell them to do. They demand to be the bosses, not the servants.

          Republicans are a minority in the country and they are a party that is shrinking constantly. The Republicans crave power. If it comes down to democracy or losing power, the Republicans will choice power over democracy every time. Hugs

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