Brian Brown: Send Money, We Can Overturn Obergefell

Brian Brown: Send Money, We Can Overturn Obergefell

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Conservatives Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh both strongly believe that the constitution should be interpreted as written and, thus, should be reliable votes against the imposition of same-sex marriage. Chief Justice John Roberts strongly objected to the majority ruling in Obergefell. And Judge Amy Coney Barrett has a long record of personal support for traditional marriage and has been sharply critical of Supreme Court rulings that articulate so-called “rights” that are found nowhere in the text of the Constitution.

It takes five justices on the Supreme Court to form a majority. So how does the speculation look now on reversing Obergefell? Thomas + Alito + Gorsuch + Kavanaugh = 4. Barrett would = 5, a majority. Chief Justice Roberts can be fickle so we can’t count on him being the deciding vote. But with Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, her deciding vote to restore marriage could well be enough to persuade Roberts to stick with his original opinion and overturn Obergefell as well.

You can see how critical it is that Judge Amy Coney Barrett be confirmed to the Supreme Court. The next three weeks are crucial in that regard. That’s why we are asking every NOM supporter to make a financial contribution right away so that we can do everything in our power to help secure her confirmation. Every donation will be 100% matched up to a total match of $10,000. Please give generously.

For this guy, Brian Brown, I can not tell if he is a true believer or just a grifter realizing he can get uninformed or religiously indoctrinated people to send him lots of money over this issue.  The reason I say this is because he has spent his adult career begging for money to stop same sex marriage and then to over turn it.  Everything he puts out includes a beg for money.  Unlike Scott Lively who really is a true believer hater of gays.   I do not know if Lively was molested as a kid but he is venomous and wants gays killed.   Brown just seems to want his nice large salary to continue even though he has failed at everything he has tried to promote.   What do you think?   Hugs

9 thoughts on “Brian Brown: Send Money, We Can Overturn Obergefell

  1. I’m pretty sure “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are in the Constitution. A consenting couple who are devoted to each other should be allowed to marry. How that’s an imposition, I don’t know. Nobody’s requiring straight people to get married to gay people, or vice versa.
    But it’s that squeamish officiant thing. This is gonna be an uncomfortable slog all over again, I just know it. It’s similar to the pharmacist who doesn’t think it’s right to get birth control and refuses to dispense it or Plan B to a customer. That’s been fought over for a while, too, but we don’t hear about it much. Ridiculous.

    I wish people would knock off the “god created marriage” thing or the “sanctity of marriage” thing. The only reason marriage became a deal in Christianity, really, was because during the plague years, when so many institutions were crumbling, only the catholic church seemed to stick around and they became the arbiters of marriage contracts and the like when civil institutions couldn’t. otherwise it was just a property distribution contract meant for the family of the two getting married, whether they cared for each other much or not. Marriage is a human institution that can be changed, and has changed over the years.

    Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Well, two consenting adults are happy and want to marry. Why the hell not?

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      1. I’m a believer, and only let that news out because sometimes it matters when addressing this. Indeed they need to knock that off, but honestly (and I’m running a risk of being judged as I am judging,) we are instructed by the Guy who gives Christianity its name that we should go into our closets to pray, that we should be kind and know in our hearts why without making a big display of religiosity, and to not be usurious or to cheat people in the name of our belief. I’m not trying to proselytize, or to ask for a more merciful opinion of Christianity, I’m just explaining that if these people truly believe in God, I cannot imagine that they keep oppressing their brothers and sisters in Christ the way they do. Again-not proselytizing, just saying that it’s difficult for me to believe that they truly believe.

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        1. no worries. I get it. It’s especially noticeable in this “well, I can’t do what you want because I don’t believe in it” is always said in this very haughty, “I’m better than you are” way. The best christians I’ve ever met don’t brag or throw their religious beliefs in people’s faces. If they’re asked about it, they answer, but they don’t harangue others.

          It always makes me wonder what they’re compensating for when they get all up in arms about it. And I’ve had a knee-jerk reaction to folks that start a sentence with “I am a Christian”. If that’s the complete sentence, then it’s all cool. When it’s the START to a sentence, though, my inner voice groans. Every family member who has used those words to start a sentence follows them with something very out of context, sexist, racist… mostly the negative stuff. That got very exhausting to listen to growing up.

          I just wish people would wish each other well instead of itching for a fight. Sure, we all have pent up energy, angst, whatever, and millions of us will probably have some form of PTSD for having to go through this insane year. I just don’t get revisiting fights about something as personal and meaningful as consent to marry. I wish the supreme court would just let it be.

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    1. Hello Chatty Introvert. As for biblical marriage you should watch Betty Bowers explanation on what it really is.

      As for the holiness of marriage and marriage is god given, these people seem to forget the right to marriage is a state right, not a religious right. These people need a state license to get married, not a preachers licenses. The rules for divorce are laws from the state, not the church. The rules on taxes, inheritance, parental rights, and medical surrogacy are all civil rights, not religious rights. So I am really tired of these evangelicals / fundamentalist wanting to claim marriage as a religious right only.

      This whole situation is based on two things. Hate and money. This is a case of whipping up hate against the other, the one not liked by your group, the right to make an outcast of the the group with the least support. The icky factor, I hate them because I think they are icky. The other think driving the hate is money. Studies show one of the greatest fundraising subjects is same sex marriage and the idea of equal rights. Religious leaders have spun a wild myth that somehow equality for others means loss of religious rights for themselves. The money begs to end same sex marriage, get rid of equal civil rights, and enshrine Christian superiority is a huge money raising machine. These mega preachers need to pay for their mansions and private planes some how. Hugs

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      1. yeah, these squeamish christians are why you get so much material for stand up comics these days–they’re so direct and to the point that it’s ridiculous. And they all say the same thing: it’s personal and ain’t your business.

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  2. Grifter. He’s in it for the $$$, and to make married people quail in their shoes. If they did manage to overturn Obergefell, upon what would he raise money? grrrr

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    1. Hello Ali. It would be his dream. Imagine he would have many more contests to raise money for in many more states. He would fund raise to save marriage in every state that tries to grant equal rights. He would have a job for another decade at least. Then another decade at least to try to over turn any LGBTQ+ equality. Hugs

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