14 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump believes rules and laws do not apply to him.

    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Ah, you noticed the funny ones I have started putting in at the end? In my morning search for cartoons / memes I have a bunch of just funny cartoon sites. I go through 71 sites each morning. When I find a funny one that tickles me I have started putting them at the end of the post. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. It seems to be a talent of his. One most parents try to train out of their kids, he takes it as a virtue.

      OT. I am getting better I think. Spent less time in bed today. Ron said I am looking the best I have in a week. Still so very tired, and today is the first time I really ate a meal. Last night Ron tried so hard to get me to eat a grilled cheese sandwich but I only got three bites before I started to gag and couldn’t eat any more. I have not had the sweats and nausea since morning. I was having them in waves. Bad thing is I am so fatigued, it is hard to think a lot of the time. Hugs

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      • Well, it’s good to hear you’re better, but disturbed that you’re still not completely “up to snuff.” Perhaps it would be good if you forced yourself to take more breaks throughout the day?

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        • I agree with Nan. Balance in our days is so important with the election and all the politics happening; we can’t let the stress take us down. I love your blog, but I love you more, so whatever works so you stay healthier is a good thing.

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          • Hello Ali. I don’t think it was stress but I admit I was emotionally raw especially after the first debate. It was hard to get back to emotional balance. But Ron and I caught a bug and it just has to run its course. Not sure where we got it, but we did. Hugs

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            • Not sure where we got it, but we did. — That’s a bit scary! Especially since he’s so careful whenever he goes anywhere … and essentially you stay home.

              Speaking of feeling bad — I had a huge attack of allergies this AM! Argghhh! Sneeze … Sneeze … Sneeze! Blow … blow … blow. Sniffle, sniffle. Slight break, then rinse and repeat. I finally took a Benadryl and it’s eased up a bit, but what a way to start the day!

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              • Hello Nan. Huge yuck, I am glad it is getting better for you. Allergies and the mess they make of breathing are horrible. I got a lecture from Ron the other day. I was sleeping and Milo had crawled up on the pillow and was rolled over on to my face. Ron was upset because I am allergic to cats and not feeling well, unable to get my shots. I tried to explain I did not know Milo had gotten that close, but Ron was not happy. He now watches to make sure Milo gets a bit of the pillow but is not in / against my face. It wakes me up with him coming into the room every 20 or 30 minutes to check we are social distancing. Sheesh. 🙀😻😼😀😃😍Hugs

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                  • Hello Nan. I never mind your open honest opinion no matter if it is pro or con. I have come to trust you. What is really going to get your protective nature steamed is Ron informed me today that tomorrow I have to make two or three batches of cookies. He will help. Seems that when he texted James last weekend to tell him he was going to bring the cookies over, he texted Jamie a nurse he worked with who he is friendly with, goes over to her home every few weeks, and so she is expecting some cookies. She has two young boys and they are all looking forward to the cookies from Ron this weekend. So I will be offline not blogging for much of tomorrow. Let the pain meds flow. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. Right now I have no choice, I get so tired or in so much pain I can not sit at my desk. I got up this morning my stomach was still messed up some but better. I hope to keep getting stronger but this started around Saturday and got really bad by Monday. But I admit I keep getting waves of dizziness and nausea along with occasionally breaking out in sweats. But I keep taking my temp and it is normal. Hugs


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