10 thoughts on “How Fox News and Trump are spinning lethality of Covid-19

  • Scottie, neither the opinion hosts or president are sources worth listening to. I am sure people scoop up the BS, but Trump cannot hide that he has his own COVID-19 cluster. Many things are painful about this president, but his (and in turn his senior staff) mocking junior staff for wearing masks when they work in close proximity has helped cause this cluster. That indicates he cares only about himself and is a key reason he has so much turnover. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. You are correct he cares only about himself. He can do everything he needs to from the living quarters yet out of pride and wanting to promote a macho guy false image tRump is insisting on working out of the oval office. Before this tRump hardly spent any time there according to the sources. He spent most of his time in the dining room off the office watching the TV, when he was not in the family quarters for executive time. So he is putting even more staff at risk. While those with in 6 feet are to wear PPE ( we in the ICU never took off our outer garments, our scrubs, so not sure what they are doing ) the fact is the medical people say 6 feet is not enough in a lot of cases. With tRump bellowing and demanding, there is going to be far more spread. Hugs


      • Scottie, having read Bob Woodward’s “Fear” based on 750 hours of interviews, the president does not work very hard. He watches too much opinion news and does not venture down stairs until 10 am or so. Keith

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  • I love-love-love this gal! Not only is she super attractive, but she reports TRUTH and doesn’t miss a beat.

    As for the message? RIGHT ON!!!

    Listening to the clips in the video from Faux News, I immediately thought of how a certain blogger I follow parrots pretty much everything they said in this posts.

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    • Hello Nan. I like her because she is no nonsense and will call out bullshit. As for SPTV aren’t they scary how they have brainwashed a segment of the country? Send him the clip and see if he will even watch it? Let me know how it works out. Hugs


      • Nawww. I’d rather not get involved in a “discussion” with him as he is pretty brain-washed. I don’t think it would bode well for either of us. I just mentioned him because although he doesn’t write all that much about Trump, he definitely falls in with conspiracy thinking.

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        • Hello Nan. SPTV and Rush Limbaugh spawned a lot of spin off extreme right wing media that is full of outright lies and delusions. These people watching that media get told everyone else is lying to them, everything that doesn’t agree with these extreme web is fake news. tRump himself told his cult not to believe what they see and hear except what he says. That is why it is so hard to reach these people. Ben Shapiro is one of their heros, yet he is wrong most of the time. He talks fast and gish gallops misinformation and distortions that when fact checked, these are all wrong. But those who listen to him never get to the fact checking part, so they don’t know. I have gone to Dylan’s blog a few times and he is now deep into the right wing media sphere, almost like it is a religious ritual. I do not comment as he wont let my comments be seen. Hugs

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  • Just read this — “Donald Trump’s accountant must turn over the president’s tax records to a New York state prosecutor, an appeals court ruled on Wednesday in a decision that almost certainly sets up a second trip to the US supreme court over the issue.”

    Could this be another reason why he wants a Supreme Court Judge that supports him … and why the Repukes are in such a hurry to get her seated?

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    • Hello Nan. Yes. If it gets to the court right now it would be turned away as they have dealt with this. If he gets Amy Barrett on the court nothing against tRump will ever be approved. His taxes will be hidden, he will be above the laws, he will not have to do anything congress wants, he will be a ruler. All of the judges he has put on the courts have ruled in almost cult like fashion for tRump. All most all of those rulings have been overturned, except for one where there were too many tRump judges on the court for the reasonable judges to over rule. If tRump is not removed and if he gets to stack the SCOTUS then the rule of law and civil rights will be gone. Hugs

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