Republicans think of black people

4 thoughts on “Republicans think of black people

  • Sorry to be such a complainer, but here we go again. I tried to “like” this as it was up on my screen but it just “flashed” at me. I had to go into the Reader before it would accept it.

    Scottie, I know you can’t do anything about this crap but it makes me feel better to share my frustrations.

    I suppose if I get fed up enough, I’ll write the WP gang and “scream” in their ears.

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    • Hello Nan. I understand. I hope you do use the chat support and register your feelings on the new editor and what is happening to the like buttons. The more of us that register our anger / upset then maybe they will be slower to force the change or quicker to fix it. Remember the first time they tried this the back lash caused them to reverse course for over a year. Hugs


    • Hello Chatty Introvert. I love it, and yes it would tear him up. I would pay good money to watch him when someone showed him this. He would go ballistic, he would explode. He is a die hard racist and he really thinks he is not only above all black people, but he also thinks he is above all other white people. Remember tRump is all about brandings himself, he is the reality TV president. So this would make his head explode? Hugs


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