Trump returns to Oval Office, says it’s a “blessing from God” that he got COVID-19

President Trump has returned to the Oval Office, less than one week after he announced he tested positive for COVID-19. The president may still be contagious, and White House staff who come near the president must wear full personal protective equipment.

A White House spokesman confirmed the president’s return to the Oval Office. Even though the White House residence is fully equipped for him to work from there, Mr. Trump wanted to be in the Oval Office. He had wanted to return even sooner, but the West Wing was not yet prepared to be a protective environment for the staff.

“Isolation carts” with PPE were being set up with gowns, masks and goggles for any staff who come within six feet of the president, senior administration officials said.

The Centers for Disease Control says a person should not be around others for 10 days after his or her diagnosis in mild cases, or for up to 20 days in severe cases. The president is still scheduled to debate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on October 15.

There is more at the link above.   Notice tRump got a drug only 10 people have gotten outside of the clinic trials because it is still in trials.   Others can not get it.  Notice tRump doesn’t care about inconveniencing others, he is only concerned with his wants and needs.   He really is a spoiled wealthy self centered entitled brat.   He reminds me of that wealthy kid from Texas who was drinking with his buddies and racing around with his dad’s business truck and hit a mini van killing some of them.  His lawyers claimed he shouldn’t face consequences due to his wealth, he did not know better.   They called it the affluenza defense.   Will that be tRump’s defense to the many who died on his watch, will that be his defense to his many crimes?   Hey it worked once for a spoiled rich entitled white brat, it may again.  Hugs

8 thoughts on “Trump returns to Oval Office, says it’s a “blessing from God” that he got COVID-19

  • Scottie, it is hard to say this as the person is president. I do not watch him talk in real time or read his tweets. I go through what he says to glean any reference to a serious subject and then must still edit his words to see if what remains is salient. The significant majority of what he says is blathering. Here is the line we must tell people who may not believe us, “The president is so untruthful, newspapers started reporting ‘The president says without proof’ and then the subject.” Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I was just reading he called into SPTV and claimed that he did not need any drugs to over come Covid 19 and you did not need them either. He then went on to keep repeating you get it, and you get over it. He seems to be ignoring the 212,000 people who are dying and the more dying every day. Just go out and get it, you will be OK is the message. In truth the real message is please think everything is fine like before Covid, start the economy and bring my beloved stock market back to full health, and reelect me the Dear Leader tyrant leader of the country. After all your death doesn’t matter to me or anyone like me, the money does, the ability to break the laws and grift does. That is the real message tRump and his administration is sending. Hugs

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      • Scottie, this headline in the Cincinnati Enquirer from today may be of interest: “Mitch McConnell says he hasn’t visited White House since August because of lax COVID rules.” Keith

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        • Hello Keith. It sure is. McConnell and tRump have never been on good terms, and even more so as tRump’s actions could cause McConnell to lose his own election and surely the control of the Senate. Hugs


            • Hello Keith. Well said, that is a perfect way to explain McConnell. Have you followed McConnell’s political career? I was surprised to learn he first ran and won his seat as a Democrat. Then he switched parties. He has always been ambitious. He has always craved money and he amassed a lot of it in the Senate, becoming very wealthy and marrying into a very wealthy Chinese shipping family. Seems he has worked more for himself than for the people. Hugs


  • Just one more example of this selfish, ignorant Boar! HIS wants and desires and comforts are all that matters. But I also have little to no sympathy for those who serve him. They put themselves into this situation by supporting and catering to his selfishness.

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    • Hello Nan. I agree, but it gets worse. I just told Keith, and then I posted that he called into SPTV and claimed he did not need drugs and you did not need them either, just go get the virus and get over it. Totally ignoring the 212,000 dead in just 6 months, with more dying every day. Ignore the deaths, just go get it, you will get over it like I did even though you do not have the care I did. Think about it. tRump had a helicopter standing by to transport him to a state of the art medical facility where he was treated by the most experienced staff with the most promising drugs at taxpayer expense. He then went home to a fully staffed fully set up medical facility in the house he lives in. We the people have none of that including the taxpayer paid healthcare paying for it all.

      The real message is ignore the deaths and the costs, go out and pretend Covid doesn’t exist and return to the days before it so the great and grand stock market recovers and grows, which makes the wealthy more wealthy and return me to power as the rightful tyrant ruler which is all that matters. that is the true message. Hugs

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