5 thoughts on “I have a seasonal neighbor on an angel from us who puts up ten to twelve of them every year. Drives everyone nuts

    • Hello Polly. So during warm months you have a choice to open your own windows and be super annoyed trying to hear what ever your trying to listen to in your home, or leave your windows closed and miss the nice air. Hugs


      • Oh c’mon! We have three and love them all! 😈 Of course one of them is a very expensive model that has deep, bass tones rather than the Irritating tinkling sound and only moves when there’s a fairly strong wind.

        The other two are under the eaves and don’t catch a lot of wind. Besides, our neighbor has a couple of her own so she doesn’t complain. And the way the neighborhood is laid out, I doubt anyone else can hear them.

        You guys are grumps! 😝

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  • Hi Scottie;
    All these stories I’ve heard of “Florida Man” I now understand. It can all be laid at the feet of the seasonal trunk slammer bringing their annoying wind chimes to “drive you all nuts”. LOL
    Ok, in all fairness, despite really wanting to jump on the same wagon with Nan on this, I am willing to see both points. In my own neighborhood we have people with wind chimes and some are really peaceful while others are down-right obnoxious.

    Hugs from the land of those about to send you the blue haired trunk slammers!

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    • Hello Brother Randy. It is the dang cold air that they bring in their trunks, that is why it gets cold down here that time of year, and they take our good hot air home in the spring warming up their frozen north. 😀😃😄😉

      I do wonder how many seasonal people will be here this year? Will it never cool down here if the northerners do not come down? Seriously though, this is killing Florida’s economy which is really based a lot on tourism and services such as restaurants and entertainment. The Canadians can not come down so far, they had to leave early this year. They legally can not come to the US. And with the US not trying to curb the spread of Covid they won’t be able to. I expect a lot of seasonal homes to go up for sale at a low price. Wish I had the money to buy a couple for rental properties.

      OT. I see you sent me a skype message. Sorry I have not gotten to it. I am just starting to feel better, last night I was able to eat well before going to bed, but woke up at 1PM with horrible stomach pain and nausea. Felt a lot of pressure. So I took some Pepto and after a bit it felt better. I got up around then, but after my morning coffee the pain and pressure is back. Remember about 6 or more years ago when I was throwing up a lot, especially after meals and they did the GI scopes which found out I had a sensitive stomach that sometimes did not empty as it should, instead it holds food and builds pressure. It feels like that again. I don’t know if the bug I got is causing it to act up, if my not eating for a while did , or what. Today I have to make cookies. So I will get with you over the weekend, OK? As always if you need me just text. Hugs


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