9 thoughts on “Unimpressed by tRump

  • The reason he refuses to debate virtually is that he would actually have to talk about the issues and policies. He can’t bully and try to intimidate Biden that way. It just wouldn’t have the same effect as it does in person.

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    • Hello Ruth. Very true. You nailed it. Plus the moderators could shut off his mic or simply not show him when he is out of line. Basically tRump loses the ability to dominate and bully without controls on him as you say. He can not have others having control over him. Hugs

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  • Yeah he should debate in person, but I also don’t think he is mentally fit to do that, let alone run the country. Have you seen his recent tweets and interviews? he should be on psychiatric medication!

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    • Hello Liberated. While I agree tRump is not mentally competent from his Covid treatments and the effects of Covid on the brain, I do not agree they should debate in person. tRump is still contagious, can still infect everyone there. We know he won’t take even the simplest precautions. tRump is just afraid he can not do shit storms and throw his feces over a screen like he can in person. tRump thinks the key to his winning is his dominance macho I am in charge and beating his chest image. His brand is all about how tough and manly he is. It hurt him the first time with the rest of the country, but his cult ate it up. I bet he will do the debate, and he will still try to shit storm / fling feces even over a screen but he will wine and cry about how unfair it is. Hugs

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      • Sorry I am forgetting how bad things are getting over there. Yeah you’re right, it’s too risky for him to debate in person, especially since he and his team don’t take the appropriate precautions. I guess my point was he isn’t fit to debate fullstop, but if it’s happening then yeah he should debate virtually.

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        • Hello Liberated. Yes, things are really bad as you say. Not only do we have 212,000 dead with more dying every day, we have a government that not only has given up trying to mitigate the deathly toll of Covid 19. Instead our highest elected leader is actively denying the virus and not only encouraging the entire population to do the same, but is stirring up terrorist movements to stop any effort by governors to implement mask wearing or restricting gathering sizes. We are in deep shit here and more is flooding down on us. Hugs

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