6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump needs to be tested for a lot more things, a lot more

    • Hello Tony. I agree. I still find it incredibly odd that right after winning the election in 2016, he sent his goons to storm his doctor’s office and steal all his records. All of them, they even attempted to see if there were any on the computers. The staff wouldn’t have been able to release them anyway due to Hippa, but something in those records scared / embarrassed tRump enough he broke the laws to get the records. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. I love the daily morning roundup. I wonder if people notice I try to group like cartoons so they have a theme, even though sometimes it is hard. I use to be able to leave a space between changes in topics for the cartoons / memes, but with the new system I can not, it mashes them together. Also I pick one cartoon / topic I think is the most important and clear and make that the top cartoon. Sometimes I end up shifting a lot of them around. I thought the one for today was really appropriate.


  • In this batch, my favorite was the two flies where one told the other it had to be tested after landing on Pence.

    BTW, I do notice the grouping. 🙂

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    • Hello Nan. Thank you. It often takes more time to decide which one will be first and then how to move the others around than to gather them. Remember I have 71 open sites and some of those have many more sites on their page that open for more cartoon/ memes. So when I start I have no idea what will be the prominent cartoon batches. Then as things I select to post I have to decide how they fit with other cartoons / memes. That is hard when the cartoon deals with more than one subject, then I have to decide where it should be placed. Sometimes there is simply not any good answer. But thank you for noticing, I have been wondering if anyone did. This is the one post I try to do regardless of how I am feeling or what else is going on. So far i have missed only one time. Hugs

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