I have made as many cookies as I am able.

I did not know that Jamie is a single mom with two young kids. So I don’t mind the effort this cost me and the pain I am in. She has been grand to Ron occasionally asking him over ( my self also but it has always been not good for me) and being a good friend to him. When he told me the goof I was more than willing to make cookies for them. It turns out that before when I have baked more than we could eat ourselves Ron has been taking the extras to them. I thought he was just eating a lot of sweets after I went to bed. So I will get Jamie to tell Ron what she wants for the kids ( and her ) and I will once a week or so make them. Loving families are grand. Hugs

2 thoughts on “I have made as many cookies as I am able.

  1. Cornelia Teed October 9, 2020 / 15:36

    It feels so good to do something nice for others. I have been cooking and sharing all during this Covid nightmare. I can’t hug, but I can cook and it’s all an expression of love and caring.

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    • Scottie October 10, 2020 / 06:33

      Hello Cornelia. Yes When possible it is nice to things for others. Hugs


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