Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyers say extraditing teen to Wisconsin would be ‘turning him over to the mob’

Lawyers for Kyle Rittenhouse say extraditing the teenager to face homicide charges in Wisconsin would be akin to “turning him over to the mob” and violate his constitutional rights.

Rittenhouse, 17, has been held at an Illinois juvenile detention center since Aug. 26 after he fatally shot two people and wounded a third during violent civil unrest in Kenosha the night before. The demonstrations erupted after a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake in the back on Aug. 23, leaving him paralyzed.

In a petition for habeas corpus, his attorneys say the teen had “answered his patriotic and civic duty” to help protect property and provide first aid during “a destructive insurrection.” Among conservative news outlets and social media, Rittenhouse has become a symbol, a cause celébrè whose shots, one of his lawyers tweeted, were those of the start of a new revolution.

The criminal complaint lays out how Rittenhouse, who could not legally possess the assault-style rifle he carried that night and was in violation of a city curfew, waded into the volatile and chaotic scene and wound up killing two people and seriously wounding another with rifle shots.

At the hearing, defense attorney John Pierce of Los Angeles, said extensive video from the night of the shootings “shows this is not a legitimate prosecution, it’s a political prosecution.” Supporters say Rittenhouse’s actions were such obvious self-defense that he shouldn’t have been charged. His defense team has released an 11-minute video to support its view.

Most of the petition describes the by now well-known events of the evening of Aug. 25, as captured on video by numerous other participants:

Early that evening, Rittenhouse, armed with an AR-15 rifle, and other armed men told reporters they were protecting a car business, and Rittenhouse said he was also there to provide first aid to injured protesters.

But the defense asks the Illinois judge to look beyond possible technicalities and says Rittenhouse is the rare case in which the substance of the charges in the demanding state should be considered.

“By allowing extradition, Illinois would violate Rittenhouse’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from arrest and detention without probable cause because there is video evidence showing without a shadow of a doubt Rittenhouse’s actions were self-defense.”

They also argue that in Wisconsin, Rittenhouse would be held in adult jail, “subjecting him to a legion of hazards.” His lawyers cite a request on a prisoners-oriented Twitter account seeking information about Rittenhouse’s location.

The habeas corpus petition is signed by Pierce — who does not normally practice criminal defense — and Michael E. Baker, a Chicago criminal defense attorney who is part of the defense team Pierce has been assembling with L. Lin Wood, an Atlanta-based defamation lawyer.

Mark Richards, a veteran criminal defense lawyer in Racine, is Rittenhouse’s attorney of record in the Kenosha case. Neither Wood nor Pierce is licensed to practice in Wisconsin.

Shortly before the Kenosha events, Wood and Pierce had formed #FightBack Foundation, a Texas nonprofit to raise money to sue the “fake news media” and “check the lies of the left.” But they quickly connected with Rittenhouse’s family and announced they would represent him and solicited millions in donations for his legal defense.

Pierce quickly announced he was stepping down from the foundation’s board amid news that he and prior incarnations of his law firm owe millions to vendors and private litigation funders.

Wood, meanwhile, is also being sued by his former partners and is battling Twitter over its suspensions of his account over the content of his posts. He has recently been threatening to sue former Vice President Joe Biden and his presidential campaign for a video Wood says falsely portrays Rittenhouse as a white supremacist or militia member.

There is more at the link above.   It is clear that the lawyers are grifters trying to make some of that righteous religious right wing money that Some sites say has reached nearly a million dollars.   Yes the kid did an illegal act that cost the lives of at least two people and harmed others while he was cosplaying being Rambo protecting the nation and the side of law and order gives him nearly a million dollars.    WTF.   Hugs

4 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyers say extraditing teen to Wisconsin would be ‘turning him over to the mob’

  • No matter how they try to spin it … he illegally had a gun and he used it to KILL two people. IMO, there simply is NO justification, legal or otherwise, for his actions. Two people are DEAD. Does he not understand that?

    I might give him the benefit of the doubt for ONE of the killings if he felt his life was in danger (which some are trying to say was the case), but two people? Nope.

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    • Hello Nan. When he was being chased and fell maybe he had lost the fake macho image he was projecting and was scared. However the first shooting happened because he felt he was entitled to stop people and question them cutting through a parking lot. He felt he was as entitled to act as a police officer asking a question that even the police would have had no reasonable cause to ask. He assumed his gun gave him the right to question other people simply walking. When one black person told him to fuck off and ignored him I think it pissed him off and hurt his image of himself as a tough boy. So when he went at the second person and demanded to know why they were walking there he was primed to act even more aggressively. Then when that second person did not just tell him to fuck off but argued with him and threw a baggy at him Rittenhouse shot him in the face. I don’t know if he was startled, or if he was angry, but witnesses said they heard the arguing, some seen the baggy and several heard multiple shots. Then Rittenhouse called a friend, told him that he killed someone, then as people converged on him he took off running. I noticed he did not run toward his fellow armed terrorist new buddies, but away from them towards where he knew the cops were. Hugs

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  • what I don’t get is how they can claim defense or defending his neighborhood or whatever when he crossed state lines. It wasn’t his stuff, wasn’t his neighbor’s stuff, wasn’t even his town. He was looking for trouble, that point should be obvious.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Because saying stuff that gets echoed on right wing media gets accepted as truth. People have gotten use to tRump and congress simply out right lying and repeating the lie often even after being corrected, that again it gets taken as truth. To some people the truth really doesn’t matter, reality is now what ever they want it to be. They can do that because there are other people who are still fixing things and making stuff keep working. But the system is crumbling due to the constant denial of reality as it is. We better fix the education system in this country , get religion out of schools and science back into them. Hugs


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