6 thoughts on “feelings mutual

    • Hello David. Yes and now he is doing it personally by spreading the virus among his supporters. He is willing to sicken and kill large numbers of the population for his own greed and reelection. Plus being in charge is the only thing keeping him and his kids out of jail. Hugs

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  • I might actually have something to write about the next few weeks (my fiction-block has been working overtime the past few years). I haven’t read “Rage” yet to get more of the scoop on why he downplayed the pandemic and how and what was going on there (though there’s already a lot on that out there), but I have a theory that might give him more mental credit than he deserves: I think Dump WANTED a few hundred people to get infected at first.

    I think he wanted them to get infected, get an excuse to shut down all borders, and then get some meds to give these folks and come out the hero to the country for stopping something so deadly. I’m sure he thought he could do all that, but he froze, didn’t realize how bad it was, it all got away from him, and now it’s raging. I found it odd that they were speculating on SARS and Swine flu in the debates and recently, and how that happened under Obama’s watch and nobody was demanding they shut down the country for that (uh, lot less infected and contained rather quickly if I recall), and if Obama was in charge of the Covid response he’d have over two million dead.

    That, I think, gave me the idea. Dump is obsessed with outdoing Obama in everything, and this would’ve been one more thing to come out on top (in his mind): an even deadlier disease to contend with and Dump handles it better? But he didn’t, did he?

    Guess it’s partly my paranoia talking, but I have to wonder.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Interesting theory. I do think it gives tRump too much credit but it does also have a lot of tRump traits to it. Such as his need to erase any accomplishment of Obama from history and claim he is always better than Obama while blaming Obama for all sorts of bad things that might not even happened. Hugs

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      • That part of Pence’s “debate” bit just made me go “whaa?” when it came to saying if Obama was in charge during this virus, over 2 million would be dead by now. I’d love to get some folks to help me figure out the mental gymnastics it took to get to such an asinine conclusion. Just, wow. He caught the Dump Virus himself; from semi-articulate to too silly for words.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes that was a stunning statement. It was red meat for the cult of tRump base. They will believe it and wont bother to even think about it, so sure that Obama was the most terrible person to ever be president. I think we all know why they feel that way. They try to insult Obama on Ebola but there was only a few deaths then, but over 215,000 dead of Covid 19 and about 1,000 more each day. Hugs

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