Fence erected on U.S. side of international border will deter smuggling, says American official


New fence under construction between Lynden, Wash., and Abbotsford, B.C.

A fence is going up along the longest undefended border in the world to protect the United States and Canada from the threat posed by “dangerous criminal enterprises” in both directions, according to the American border patrol.

That same stretch of road connecting Abbotsford and Aldergrove, B.C., marks the area where families, friends and loved ones separated due to travel bans have been meeting up since the borders closed in March.

A statement from United States Border Patrol said its Blaine sector is currently overseeing the construction of a cable barrier on the international boundary between Boundary Road in the United States and 0 Avenue in Canada to address bi-national concerns related to this section of the border.

“Locally in our community, trans-national criminal organizations have capitalized on this vulnerable area by smuggling both narcotics and people,” acting chief patrol agent Tony Holladay said in the statement.

It states the barrier serves to deter drivers of vehicles from illegally crossing the boundary — by accident or on purpose — and endangering citizens in both countries.

Last month RCMP seized close to 200 kilograms of methamphetamine and charged a U.S. citizen with importation and possession of the drug for the purpose of trafficking.

That man had reportedly travelled across the border using an all-terrain vehicle hauling a trailer. He was later arrested in a blueberry field, according to a release by police on July 23 which states another co-conspirator remains at large.

Pierre Carriere has been cycling 73 kilometres along the route about five times a week for 30 years.

“I call it the Trump wall,” he said.

“I don’t really know why they decided to build that fence after so many, so many years, but maybe it’s because of the COVID-19.”

Carriere said people have been meeting up, mostly during the day on weekends.

“They sit on each side of their country and they stay there for hours, sometimes the whole family,” he said.

Carriere agreed drug smuggling has been a problem.

About 10 years ago Carriere said he witnessed a vehicle of four people getting caught by border patrol in a ditch while crossing the border, adding it can be “so easy” to cross back and forth. He has seen people try to cross on foot and in vehicles.

For the first time, Carriere said he has recently noticed RCMP in the area monitoring the boundary.

Given the fence is being installed on the southern side of the border, the Canada Border Services Agency, which is responsible for designated ports of entry, deferred questions to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The CBSA statement said RCMP are responsible for the area between ports in Canada.

I would point out the US border patrol person was complaining about drugs smuggling but the only one mentioned was from the US to Canada.    Yet the problem is so small the RMPC felt it could be managed.    The US feels they need to build a wall.   I would like to point out many times when a government builds 

5 thoughts on “Fence erected on U.S. side of international border will deter smuggling, says American official

  1. This story briefly sprinkled local news a few weeks ago. Overwhelming consensus from Lower Mainland Canadians – audible laughter & head scratching! This stretch of border falls within a densely populated region of B.C., talk about waste of time, energy and money. Canada has one of the longest un-patrolled borders in the world, many hundreds of absolutely deserted kilometers conducive to illicit crossings – so why bother erecting a 50 kilometer symbolic barrier at Abbotsford? It’s painfully silly. Hugs.

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    1. Hello Notes To Ponder. It use to be a point of pride that our two countries had that unpatrolled border. It was a sign we valued and respect each other as nations and as individuals. Now it is all gone due to the xenophobia of so many in the US. Plus as we discussed before they hear and believe a constant drum beat about how the US is so much better than other countries, US exceptionalism, they think other countries are bringing drug, gangs, and other bad people to us. Instead we are the bad people and while every country has criminals, we excel at being wrong. A large segment of our population likes to blame everything bad in our country on foreigners not understanding we are causing it ourselves. We are letting the wealthy and politicians rob everything we have from us and create a dependant desperately poor working class like they have in undeveloped nations.

      On a separate note I would like to see a time where no borders need to be patrolled and fenced. I often though the perfect way to manage trade is the way the E.U. is doing it. Let the three nations on this continent keep their sovereignty ( until we get so equal in standards we can join as one large nation ) but also send elected representatives to an umbrella body to handle trade and population movement across the borders. Let’s get the standards for products and the pay scales up to the highest levels in all countries. It would produce the best in economies I think. What do you think? Hugs

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      1. Prior to 9/11 crossing the Canada/U.S. border was a breeze, nobody needed a passport. Canadian border officers didn’t even carry guns. A far cry from open border trade partners, yet symbolic of shared interests and best intentions. In my mind Canada/U.S./Mexico borders fell victim to unprecedented national security measures implemented by the U.S. I get it. That said, in one fell swoop trade, immigration and good will evaporated, replaced by fear, propaganda and mistrust. Sigh and hugs.

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        1. Hello Notes To Ponder. Yes, very true. However something to think about is that nearly 3,000 people died in that attack and the US went to war with two different countries for over twenty years. One of those countries had nothing to do with our attackers, the US just hated the government and stupid people thought wrongly that they could easily take over the entire middle east. Now over 212,000 people are dead in 6 months from Covid 19 and our people are not demanding the government enact strict protocols to protect the people but are instead cheering the deliberate misinformation and stupidity from tRump. A portion of our population simply do not care about the deaths of their fellow US people, they do not care if a lot more deaths happen as long as they are not inconvenienced. WTF, where is the patriotic let’s do anything to protect the country feeling now? Hugs

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