Needs more schooling


3 thoughts on “Needs more schooling

    1. Hello Chatty Introvert. I admit I never had access as a person growing up to skin care products or education. I admit I admire the skin of the young people today. It is a good thing, education and products are available today that were not in my youth.

      I can understand how people can be vain, how people can need to feel they are pretty, handsome, or other ways attractive. I can understand people using makeup. Both boys and girls.

      But tRump’s makeup is beyond any of that. It is a laughable mocking joke. Typical tRump he makes no attempt to blend it to his scalp, he makes no attempt to coat his hands the same color, he only slathers the front of his face as if he thinks that is all people will see. It is a stunning lack of seeing reality or even the what he sees in the mirror. I admit I am really tired of this guys denying reality.

      When I was a teen and needing the charity of the SDA church to save me from the hell I was living in I would attend church as required. Hey to get saved one must go through the rituals. So their was this really old lady to my teen eyes, she may not have been as old as I at that time thought as I was a teenager, but was told she had been a model of some renown in the …

      She wore her hair pulled hard to all one side of her head, and then lined with 40 or more bobby pins down the side. She was stern looking to me but also I wondered if her hair hurt. When the congregation stood to sing a hymn she proudly did so also. She would sing the first line of every verse … and only the first line through the entire song. She did it proudly, loudly, and every worship session I was at with her. Everyone excused her behavior because she was old and lived in assisted living. When I one time asked about it I was quickly discouraged from mentioning such things as she was a woman in good standing in the church with her tithes and her donations. Tithes and her donations, that was far more important than anything else.

      I did not see it then as a teen, but I do see it now. tRump and his followers are a cult. But even for those not in the cult it is far more important to get the money, the donations, than admit the emperor has no clothes or that tRump looks silly in his orange smeared on makeup. The money is the goal, and the only thing that matters to them. Hugs

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      1. Just read this: “The president will hold a rally in Des Moines tonight, and attendees will be greeted by this billboard when they arrive at the event site.”

        TRUMP COVID SUPERSPREADER EVENT … with an arrow pointing the way. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜…

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