Trump Faces Avalanche Of Post-White House Lawsuits

Trump Faces Avalanche Of Post-White House Lawsuits

Business Insider reports:

Donald Trump is likely to face a litany of federal investigations if he loses to former Vice President Joe Biden next month. He may also be indicted for his role in covering up hush-money payments to Karen McDougal, a plot that sent his former lawyer Michael Cohen to prison. Norm Eisen, a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, told Business Insider there were several reasons Trump had been successful in avoiding court appearances.

“Part of it is the power of the presidency,” he said. “Part of it is the slowness of the system. He is the target of a number of litigation matters and investigations, but he’s been able to take advantage, for example, in the Vance [tax-records] case, of the extreme slowness of the system.” “There’s going to be an accumulating number of these legal actions that are going to squeeze him more and more,” Eisen said.

Hit the link for a breakdown of the nine personal lawsuits Trump will likely face immediately after exiting the White House.

2 thoughts on “Trump Faces Avalanche Of Post-White House Lawsuits

  1. I admit it warms my heart to know what-all he has waiting for him, BUT … he’s such a slithery snake, I can’t help but wonder how many he’ll be able to dodge. I do hope the news media keeps us informed … especially those who have defended him throughout his presidency! HA!

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    1. Hello Nan. I think it will be up to the states as I doubt Biden will bother to investigate the tRump administration. He has already said he was going to order the DOJ to do any investigations. I would hope that he would let his AG do some but I really think he is too much an institutionalist to let it happen. So lets hope the states can do the job. Hugs


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