7 thoughts on “That fixes that

  • OT — Once again (!), I hit the “like” button and all I get is a flash on the left side of the blog. This keeps happening — and not just with your blog — and I have NO idea why. I’m signed in … in fact, I signed out and signed back in to no avail.

    I know you have your blog set to accept “likes” — I just don’t know why it won’t accept mine!! I feel certain it’s the evil WP engineers who are behind it all! 👹

    P.S. If I go into the Reader (a real pain), it will accept my “like” … ???!??

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    • Hello Nan. Have you tried to refresh the page? Have you emptied your browser cache recently? I some times leave pages tabbed up over night to read the next day. The next day when I go back online I have to refresh the page a lot of times to like the post. Hugs


      • What’s weird is that this primarily happens in the morning when I first start reading blogs. As the day goes on, the problem vanishes .., ??? Since I turn off my computer at night, it starts up again the next day. sigh

        As I mentioned, I’ve tried logging off my WP account and then logging back in … nothing. And yes, I’ve tried refreshing the page … nothing. I tried emptying the cache sometime back and again … nothing.

        What’s really weird is it only happens on certain blogs. It makes me wonder if it has something to do with the theme the person is using … especially since, as you discovered, the older themes don’t work with Gutenberg. Also, sometimes I can “like” the comment in the email notification and it will show up on the blog … other times it doesn’t.

        I do know this … it’s frustrating as HELL!! And because I have a free WP blog, I can’t even contact the help people. There used to be a general site for users to ask questions and get help from other users, but I haven’t been able to find it.


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        • Hello Nan. When I get caught up in a few days I will contact support and ask the question for you. Send me an email with it written up and I will copy and paste it into the chat. If it is happening when you go to my blog it is my right to ask about it. Hugs

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            • Hello Nan. I will go look for it. I have not checked my email in several days. Ron has been sick for two days and sleeping a lot. His breathing is all messed up. He has bad lungs and he has been cleaning out the main shed, a job years over due, and washing it up. Everything is dirty and musty and he was not wearing a mask. So he is using his inhalers and sleeping a lot. I went to bed at 4:30 PM, woke at 11 PM. Have been up all night with my stomach problem. Thing is I did not eat a lot yesterday and stayed up after I ate. Oh well. We had planned to vote today, But that may not happen. Hugs

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