In U.S. Midwest states, new COVID-19 infections rise to record highs

– Wisconsin and other states in the U.S. Midwest are battling a surge in COVID-19 cases, with new infections and hospitalizations rising to record levels in an ominous sign of a nationwide resurgence as temperatures get colder.

More than 22,000 new cases were reported on Wednesday across the Midwest, eclipsing the previous record of more than 20,000 on Oct. 9. Hospitalizations in those states reached a record high for a 10th consecutive day, as some hospitals began feeling the strain.

More than 86% of the beds in Wisconsin’s intensive care units were in use as of Wednesday.

A field hospital opened in a Milwaukee suburb in case medical facilities become overwhelmed. Neat rows of makeshift cubicles enclosing beds and medical supplies occupied the fairgrounds in West Allis, which has been the home of the Wisconsin State Fair since the late 1800s.

Dr. Paul Casey, the medical director of the emergency department at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said entire wards full of COVID-19 patients were stretching resources “to the limit.”

“It’s going to get worse,” he told CNN on Thursday. “We predict it will peak mid-Novemeber.”

More than 1,000 people were hospitalized for COVID-19 in Wisconsin on Wednesday, the state’s health department said. Health authorities recorded a near 25% spike in coronavirus hospitalizations in the past seven days compared to the previous week.

Other Midwestern states were also setting grim records.

Since the start of October, North Dakota and South Dakota have reported more new COVID-19 cases per capita than all but one country in the world, tiny Andorra.

These states are reporting three times as many new cases per capita this month than the United Kingdom, Spain or France – where infections were also on the rise – according to a Reuters analysis.

“It’s quite concerning,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious diseases expert, said in an interview with ABC television on Thursday. “We really got to double down on the fundamental public health measures that we talk about every single day because they can make a difference.”

Fauci also warned about the risks of crowded gatherings, as President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail after recovering from his own bout with the coronavirus.

COVID-19 hospitalizations hit a record high on Wednesday in Iowa as well, while the state also posted its biggest one-day increase in cases since Aug. 28.

Trump, making a push in the final weeks before the Nov. 3 presidential election after being hospitalized with COVID-19, held a large rally in Iowa on Wednesday with most in attendance not wearing masks. He has continued to minimize the threat to public health posed by the virus that has killed more than 216,000 Americans.


New York, once the U.S. epicenter of the global health crisis, is now dealing with infection spikes in several “clusters.” Governor Andrew Cuomo said he expected flare-ups to continue for at least a year.

“The way of the world going forward is going to be that the virus will constantly flare up in certain locations,” Cuomo told reporters this week.

His efforts to stem local outbreaks of the coronavirus have put him in a two-front religious battle with Catholics and Jews, who are asking courts to void restrictions they argue limit religious freedom.

Cuomo, a Catholic, said his the measures, which restricted gatherings at religious institutions to as few as 10 people in certain targeted areas, were not intended to single out religious groups and were consistent with other steps he has taken to combat “clusters” where infections spread rapidly.

But he also blamed Orthodox Jewish communities for causing some of the infection spikes in their areas.

An intensive care nurse at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City told Reuters on Thursday there are at least a dozen patients with the virus in critical care there, the majority of whom are Orthodox Jews.

There are about 50 patients with the virus in her hospital and that number is “increasing every day,” she said, asking to not be named because she was not authorized to speak to media.

Reporting by Lisa Shumaker in Chicago and Maria Caspani in New York; Additional reporting by Gabriella Borter and Peter Szekely in New York; Editing by David Gregorio and Bill Berkrot

Understand that as much as tRump wants to ignore Covid and as much as he wants to promote the massive amount of deaths from just ignoring the Covid virus using a stupid herd immunity, despite the attempt in states with Republican governors wanting to hide the numbers of hospitalization and deaths to fool the public.   Will the Republicans be happy when hospitals are over whelmed and people are dying in hallways like it was in the beginning of the crisis in New York.   Remember why New York and and Seattle were hot spots because that was where flights from Europe were coming into.  Not China as tRump wants to pretend, but all the science shows most of our infection comes from Europe.    This virus is going to really start racing through our country.   The tRump people want to ignore the virus because they have healthcare and assets we do not, and it benefits them if we ignore it and go back to what they think was normal, making money for them.  That we get sick, rack up huge unpayable bills in hospitals, and even die is something that they don’t care about at all.  They want the money, they don’t care if you die giving it to them.   Hugs

11 thoughts on “In U.S. Midwest states, new COVID-19 infections rise to record highs

  • I “liked” this only because I agree with your analysis — not that the infections are increasing.

    P.S. I “liked” from the email notification and it showed on the blog … but it didn’t if I did it online. 😣

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    • Hello Robert. I think there is a lot of things mentally / personality wrong with tRump but I am not sure he qualifies as insane. But I agree with you he is morally and mentally deranged and it is both terrifying and shaming he is president. Also what about the 32% of the country that supports tRump no matter what. Hugs

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      • I see your argument. If trump genuinely believes he can deny a pandemic and make it go away, he delusional and because of his position, a danger to others. If his denial of the pandemic is an act, he’s something else, something dark. We will probably not get a clear assessment until after he leaves office.

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        • Hello Robert. Yes, so true. It is scary to think someone like him got to that position, that power, and was able to bend so much of the government to his will. It says something about both the base cult that fawns on tRump and the elected Republican party office holders who are terrified of getting on family crime mob boss want-to-be tRump’s bad side. That Republican party of tRump Senators and Representatives are cowed and scared of tRump, and will act as he does says a lot about who is now in elected office in the country. Hugs

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    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1, Even after tRump got it his supporters are still claiming it is either made up or it is nothing to worry about. The part of tRump getting a helicopter ride and the worlds best treatment something they won’t get. Some people claim if it is their time to go them that is what god wants, but I notice these people are not working in hazardous dangerous jobs in real life. So many people keep repeating how this is not so bad and it is not as dangerous as the flu, which is wrong on every level, but they believe it. Now they are spouting the tRump talking point that mask wearing gives you the virus. I am so sick of them and their anti-science. Hugs

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      • Some people claim if it is their time to go them that is what god wants — Ahhhh yes … SO VERY EASY to say this when you’re well and healthy!

        Amazing how many people’s tune changes when they — or their loved ones — are gasping for breath and staring death in the face. But hey! It’s all OK because “it is their time to go.” Right? Right?

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        • Hello Nan. Yes very true. Look at the conversion of Chris Christie. Really this was a guy totally taking the tRump line on all of these issues, who nearly died, spent 7 days in the ICU that he could afford which most of us can not while getting experimental treatment still not available to the public ( you and I and the rest of the lower class US population ) and even he is saying to wear masks and do the other precautions. How much more do we need to see to understand how this is a class war? The upper class needs the lower class desperately to sacrifice themselves to go back to the way it was so the upper class can continue to make great amounts of money. The other advanced nations did not do this, but England came close. Even now Republicans in the Senate wont allow the needed money to flow to the public, the non-wealthy-corporations needed to save the country and the economy. At this point I think McConnell is hoping it will fail so the new Democratic admin takes the hit.


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