2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the First Amendment, Barrett, and the nomination….

  • Amazing how the anger from Beau is coming out more and more frequently. He’s not raging or a maniac, but you can see the signs. He used to show that very staccato anger once in a while. Seems to be nearly every other day now. Wow.
    I agree with him 100% on this–gotta rule on constitutional issues and can’t get the first amendment right? I can see maybe getting the order mixed up slightly, but not the five in the first amendment. Not for this type of job. Sheesh.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes I have noticed that and I can understand his frustrations. He is a smart man watching a bunch of partisan idiots destroy everything decent and good about the US, ruin our government / democracy, and push the US in to a regressive past. And there is little any of us can do to prevent it at this point. By the way, I just watched a clip where Dianne Feinstein said that should the Democrats win the Senate and she becomes Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary she will return to using / allowing blue slips. You know the thing that lets Senators block a judges nomination that the Republicans used to block most of Obama and Clintons nominations yet refused every time they are in charge including the last four years to honor for Democrats in return. This is why the Republicans got to appoint so many judges. Pat Leahy did the same thing and as soon as Republicans took over again they said fuck you and refused to honor them. Why are the Democrats letting these geriatric old people stay in charge when they don’t have any fight left, and want only the old norms of their prime back. Feinstein is 87 years old and says she don’t plan to retire. On the Republican side Grassley is in his 90’s already and claims he will run for reelection. But instead of helping the challenger to Graham, Feinstein made a show of complementing how great Graham was doing running the hearing and giving him a hug. A premade TV commercial endorsing a Republican, way to go senior Democrat Feinstein. Makes me so angry. Hugs

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