2 thoughts on “CBS News: He’s fighting deportation, while his wife battles COVID-19 as a nurse

  1. Nan October 16, 2020 / 12:21

    This is so sad … but I would bet dollars to donuts this isn’t an isolated case. The system under tRump is more focused on the big picture; you know, getting rid of all those “nasty” aliens! He could care less about personal circumstances.

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    • Scottie October 18, 2020 / 04:06

      Hello Nan. I think in cases where it is harmful and cruel, some of these people enjoy it more. There are a lot of hateful people in ICE, the border patrol, and the administration. Look at the child separation thing. The harm and cruelty was the point. And again I think they enjoyed it. I read excerpts of the guards and soldiers dealing with the Jewish people. They were needlessly cruel and took their frustrations out on the Jewish people because they simply did not see them as humans like them. The people doing these acts in our country do not see the ones they are hurting as people. Hugs


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