2 thoughts on “CNN: How QAnon uses religion to lure unsuspecting Christians

  • Scottie, it is sad the president of the US lies about not knowing who QAnon is and then does not condemn them. QAnon and people like Alex Jones are purveyors of conspiracy BS, ignoring the real things happening right in front of them. The greatest con job is going on where you have one of the most untruthful people (and presidents) convincing his followers that everyone else is lying, not him. That is truly amazing. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. The amount of personal damage caused by Alex Jones on the Sandy Hook parents is horrendous and immoral. I hope they win all their damages and it makes others think twice from doing such a thing again.

      The horrible gaslighting by tRump and now the entire Republican party is something that eats at our very democracy. We have truth in advertising laws and we should have them in politics also. I get real tired of being told what I see or hear is not true, and what tRump did that he claims he did not do is not true, I find more than disgusting. I think that if you can not acknowledge reality it should disqualify you from public office. Hugs

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