Ex-GOP State Rep Charged For Assaulting Poll Worker

Ex-GOP State Rep Charged For Assaulting Poll Worker

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

A former Republican state legislator was charged with assaulting an election worker at a Wake County early voting site on Friday morning. Gary Pendleton was an official Republican poll observer at the Northern Regional Center, 350 East Holding Ave. in Wake Forest, where he was charged with a misdemeanor assault. Pendleton, 73, served in the N.C. General Assembly from 2015 to 2017 and is a former Wake County Commissioner.

Pendleton was a poll observer at Roberts Community Center in Raleigh on Thursday, and said he was allowed to enter the site early to observe the poll workers. He said he asked the poll worker in Wake Forest what was he was trying to hide. “Of course that’s why we are there,” he said. “We are looking for fraudulent activity that might be occurring in polls around Wake County.” Early voting began Thursday at 20 locations throughout Wake County.

Pendleton was reportedly trying to enter the polling station before it opened and shoved the worker who blocked his way. He served a single two-year term starting in 2015.

This is what tRump wants, he wants his people to disrupt polling places, he wants his gang thugs to intimidate the polling place workers.   tRump needs the disruptions, the uproar so he can say the election is fraudulent, it is rigged, it needs to go to the courts.  Also notice what the GOP poll watcher claimed he said, what are you trying to hide in there?    That is the mindset.   They assume the worst and act on that.   Everyone is acting against the Republicans, why do they think that.   Maybe because Republican ideas and policies are unpopular, tRump is unpopular, yet this minority unpopular party demands the right to rule over the rest of us.   They want to continue the way it was in the past, they want to be assured they wont lose power, they want to never face the discomfort of having to adjust and learn new ways.   If it was OK for their grandmothers it is damn ok for their granddaughters.  Sickening ! Hugs

4 thoughts on “Ex-GOP State Rep Charged For Assaulting Poll Worker

    • Hello ShellDigger. Yes, these people have gotten use to their self important entitled attitude. And every time they get away with it increases the chances they will take it even further next time, and it encourages others to try it also. Hugs


  • Scottie, as we have been lamenting for months, any violence at polls can be laid at the feet of the divisive, untruthful narcissist who occupies the White House. He has sown the seeds and will later say it is not his fault. Again, he will be wrong. Keith

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    • Hello Keith Yes it is the fault of tRump making his cult followers so suspicious and sure of fraud. Notice in the story Pendleton accused the poll worker of hiding something, he seemed sure he was not being let inside because they were doing something illegal. That doesn’t make sense that the poll workers would have waited that late if they were going to cheat. But the assumption is clearly what tRump wants to create. Hugs


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