KC hospitals ‘bursting at the seams’ with record numbers of COVID-19 patients


Some Kansas City area hospitals, facing their biggest influx of coronavirus patients since the pandemic began, are refusing ambulances because their beds are already filled, according to a leading doctor at St. Luke’s Health System.

On Wednesday night, eight metro hospitals and emergency departments reported such high volumes of patients that they temporarily stopped accepting ambulances, Marc Larsen, Operations Director of Saint Luke’s COVID Response Team, said in a phone interview Thursday.

Two of the eight were part of the St. Luke’s system, according hospital spokesperson, who did not identify the other medical centers.

As of 1 p.m. Thursday, five were still diverting ambulances for all who weren’t in most critical need, such as stroke, heart attack and trauma patients, Larsen said. When this happens, alternative care areas accept the patients instead.

“We’re bursting at the seams in the metropolitan area, and really across the state and the region,” said Larsen, who is also an emergency physician.

Everything I have read says this is the start of a really bad expansion of of the Covid virus sickness and death.   We know that the republican governors have hidden and skewed the numbers, especially here in Florida where the Speaker of the state House chamber is now saying the numbers are fake, and lower than reported.    As he is about to lose his seat.   We have a government that doesn’t care if the people get sick, they don’t care if getting sick causes the people to rack up bills they can never pay and will ruin their credit, and really thinks sick people dying is an inconvenience to the government.   All lives matter?   Really?   Hugs

OT.  I am going back to bed soon.   Ron wants me to stay up until six pm.   I have been sick and also in a lot of pain.  I can only seem to sit in my desk chair for about an hour before I have to go lay down.   Last night  four hours after going to bed I found my self vomiting.  I woke up in horrible stomach pain and my body drenched in sweat.     Ron thinks I have a stomach  ulcer.    It has been happening more and more often, and at first we thought it was a stomach bug, but the last few weeks I have been breaking out in horrible sweats with a lot of pain in my belly leading to sometimes vomiting.   Remember I take a lot of pain medications, one reason I sleep so much, so for the pain my  belly area to not only wake me but be really bad it has to be extreme.    When it happens it feels like my gut is expanding too fast and can not hold everything in it.   When I had this years ago they did a upper and lower GI, they found my stomach is really sensitive to pressure.   I would eat and an hour or a few hours later throw up.   They thought my stomach was not automatically sending the food on to the intestines.   But the problem cleared up, so we did not follow up on it.  Then it was happening in the day mostly in the afternoon.   Now it is happening at night, about four hours after I go to bed.   That is why Ron thinks I am eating too late, too much, and going right to bed, which I do because I get very tired after eating.   ( I wake a lot and get up very early.   This morning I woke at 2 and got up at 3.  )  Any way that is why I have not been on line much or done much stuff.   But have no fear, I will soon be back to terrorizing your blogs with my ranting comments soon.     If Ron has his way I will be on a diet of bland puddings and tasteless food, while he hides my hot sauce.   Anyway.  Best wishes to all.  Keep safe, follow the Covid guidelines as this is going to get really bad fast.   Hugs

7 thoughts on “KC hospitals ‘bursting at the seams’ with record numbers of COVID-19 patients

  • Scottie — if you read this before hitting the sack … I agree with Ron. I think eating and heading straight to bed is a bad idea. Not a doc … have no scientific evidence … but just seems like common horse sense.

    Anyway, please take care of yourself and STOP focusing so much on your blog. As I’ve said before, we’re not going anywhere. We’ll be here whenever you get back to feeling better.

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    • Hello Nan. I agree. The problem is I get so tired after eating due to my blood sugar. Right now, the last three days I am trying two different things. The first couple days I ate at 4 PM and stayed up until 6 PM. Yesterday I was tired and sore all day, so went to bed in the morning and then again at 3 PM. I got up at 5 PM and ate a small amount to take my pills with and stayed up until about 7 PM. I have had troubles in the past, and got use to not eating a lot of the time at night if I felt pressure in my stomach. But I never had the really bad pain, drenching sweats, and nausea like these episodes. That they were happening more frequently and more intense was worrying me and scaring Ron. I am trying to fix it myself because if I tell my primary he will want another complete GI series and I don’t want to go through that. Again.

      It is working pain wise, the excruciating sharp pains I was having with the drenching sweats have stopped for now … I hope. I am still having discomfort and small level pain in my stomach and abdomen but no nausea. I do have that in the morning when I start to drink coffee. One reason Ron thinks it is an ulcer. My doctor had recommended in the past I take a pepcid AC at night before bed, and take the prescribed protonix in the morning. Then he said to try stopping the night time one. It seemed OK at first, but now I think it let what is happening so Ron is going to pick some up next time he goes shopping. I will see if that helps. I already am on a stomach med protonix in the morning as I said. As I said the other day I have had ulcers before and I have a sensitive stomach pressure wise. If I can get some energy back things will improve. I upped my vitamin D3 but decreased my vit B12 and multi vit because the multi vitamin because it can cause stomach upset and nausea. Now to get some energy back. I really would rather not need naps in the morning and afternoon. Thanks. Hugs

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    • Hello House of Heart. Thank you and I understand. I just wrote a long reply to Nan that I would use to reply to you also, please give it a read. The issues I have had before but never to this extent. That was far more intense than I have had before, and it was increasing in frequency. It took a few days to put it all together and figure out what was happening, was it a new problem or an old one that was suddenly worse. For example was it stomach or intestines as it was effecting both. I now am fighting fatigue right now also, very tired, and I want to go back to bed every few hours. Hugs

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    • Hello TokyoSand. Thank you. The plan seems to be working. When this started about three weeks or so ago, we thought I had a stomach bug. Now we think it is something we can handle by better practices in eating and when I go to bed. Hugs

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