FL May Scale Back COVID Reporting As Cases Climb

FL May Scale Back COVID Reporting As Cases Climb

The Miami Herald reports:

Florida’s Department of Health on Friday confirmed 3,449 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing the state’s known total to 748,437. Also, 94 resident deaths were announced, bringing the resident death toll to 15,830.

Friday is the second day this week that Florida reported more than 3,000 cases. It is also the highest single-day count reported since Sept. 19, when 3,573 cases were added. Testing did see some increase and the positivity rate decreased slightly.

The state has had a total of 46,862 Florida residents hospitalized for COVID-19-related complications, according to Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard.

Spectrum News Miami reports:

We’ve been keeping daily track of the COVID-19 numbers put out by the state. But the Governor’s Office now says with Florida in Phase 3 of the reopening, it’s considering scaling back the frequency of its reporting. Advocates for long-term care residents call the data vital when it comes to policy and decision making in the fight against COVID-19.

“What places are hot spots, what places might need extra staff and extra protective equipment,” said Sam Brooks, with the National Consumer Voice for Quality of Long Term Care. Brooks said doing away with the daily release of the state’s COVID-19 related data would negatively impact those efforts.

There is more at the links above including lots of pictures of Republicans meeting, greeting with tRump and others, all with masks, even the ones who have Covid.      It is like they are deliberately actively attempting to spread the virus now.    I am not sure if it is to advance their herd immunity or to leave a sick broken country for Biden to have to fix.    Hugs

7 thoughts on “FL May Scale Back COVID Reporting As Cases Climb

  1. Hi my Brother;
    That’s scary. My parents are coming down in just a few weeks. It’s like Florida Republicans are putting in a fast lane in “Heaven’s Waiting Room”. One of the few times express service isn’t appreciated.
    You be careful down there.

    Hugs my Brother

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    1. Hello Randy. The fact is the state is hurting for tourist dollars but the state officials did not do any of the things that would have knocked the Covid virus spread down. Because of the virus spread in the US the Canada / US remains closed. So the many seasonal Canadians can not come down to Florida this year. Cruise ships can not come to the Florida ports, so we lose that revenue. I sent you the Times article about the White House call for using herd immunity as a way to deal with the virus. They are saying that would causes 1.5 to 2 million deaths, maybe more. Plus it seems there is no long term immunity with this so it would lead to waves of sickness and deaths. You be careful up there. I understand your folks desire to be here in the winter, but still I hope they really take all precautions possible. Hugs


  2. Three words: He. Doesn’t. Care.

    He had his episode, was given million dollar treatments (at taxpayer expense), no doubt continues on certain drugs to keep up his immunity … so why should he care who else might get it?

    We all know — and have known for a very long time — he doesn’t care about ANYONE except HIMSELF. Praise Donald Trump! Kiss Donald Trump’s ass! Donald Trump is your Savior and King! (Forget JC … Trump has taken over that spot.)

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    1. Hello Nan. Gov. DeSantis is a tRump cult follower from the very beginning of his being elected. Whatever tRump wanted, DeSantis gladly did. He doesn’t care anymore than tRump does if we die for his profit. DeSantis needs the state to open up as much as tRump does. The state was not putting money into the unemployment system and giving employers huge breaks on paying their share of it. Sales tax revenue is way down, while state bills are up. The tourism money is almost stopped. The people in the state have not gone back to work as a lot of jobs simply don’t exist. Yes there are server jobs or other very low paying jobs that have high exposure to Covid 19, but not really a lot of them. The state has a very high unemployment rate and can not pay the limited unemployment payments for all the unemployed people. So DeSantis wants everyone to go back to the way it was when the state was making him money and he could strut around as Florida’s governor. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. True, think of the healthcare system we have. I was just watching an old clip of Paul Ryan defending cutting the school free lunch program saying kids would rather be hungry than get a free lunch. Profit over feeding poor kids, and he was the darling of the pro-life crowd. Hugs


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