For Chatty Introvert. Hugs

Religous bigotry

12 thoughts on “For Chatty Introvert. Hugs

  1. Yup, that’s the one. I’m saving that one for sure. That panel sums up the whole thing very damn well.
    Hugs and have a pleasant last day of the weekend.
    Got all the windows open today and about to make apple pie from scratch while getting fresh air (and not summer heat for once out here). Not the crust–I suck at crust. Got graham cracker pre-made, but a bunch of apples I’m helping my neighbor get rid of. Mmm…

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      1. As much as I’m trying to eat healthier, there’s no way I could eat so many apples and limes on my own. I figured pie would be the best way to start whittling down the pile to eat. I love apples, but more than two a day just doesn’t feel right to me and I’d get bored REAL fast. Better than nothing. I just gotta remember to get some bags and freeze that pie–it’s gonna get soggy before I have a chance to eat it at the rate I was baking! I know you can’t freeze a custard pie without problems, so I’m eating the lime pie first (what a tangy breakfast–goes better than I thought it would with coffee!)

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        1. Hello Chatty Introvert. I love taking apples and making apple sauce for another time and freezing it. There are so many recipes I like that call for it. Just a thought.

          On your other comment about your doing teaching and tutoring. I think there are great teachers and poor teachers, and Ron has several teachers in his family both older and younger members. Now the younger members are finding they are giving most of their salaries to helping students while their spouses pay their bills. it should not be this way.

          I don’t know how much of my own past you know but in my life I have had good teachers trying to make sure I learned while I had other teachers that simply did not care. To this day I admire the good teachers and their attempts. Some of them took steps that were not normal / needed for other students to engage me, some of them simply understood my situation at home and adjusted my lessons accordingly. All of those that tried / did not give into the system moved me to the person I am today. A person loving learning and willing to put in the effort to understand something important. I am nearly 58 years old and would have been considered a special needs child if such support had been available to me back then. It was not, except for a few teachers who understood my problems and went out of their way to help me learn. My adoptive father was against me reading or having any books at home even school books. My ability to reason, to think was stunted due to abuse. But there were a few teachers who understood this, and kept working to help me understand learning. They are the ones that made such a difference in my life. Now at my age I understand the concepts they tried to teach an abused scared kid way back then.

          I have no doubt you have made such difference is young peoples lives, and I know you will continue to so. Best wishes and many grateful hugs to you and those like you who do so much for kids who need you. Hugs.

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      1. scotty it’s the same old Suze from obsolete childhood.took down the wp blog when they “fixed” the editor so I couldn’t use it. over on wix now. it just took me a while to find the back door into the wp reader without an account! lol

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        1. Suze, do you like Wix? I tried it but didn’t go into it very far and after I found a work-around program to bypass the Gutenberg editor, I haven’t gone back to play with it.

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          1. Hi Nan. I actually do like Wix, very much. It’s easy to set up a site, they range from free (that’s me all the way) to a yearly subscription type account. The editor is very easy…much like a general word processor with a few bells and whistles, like color fonts, pictures, videos, etc. Publishing is easier than it was in WP, and linking to other sites is also easy to do. Drawback is that there is no central reader for you to follow others. BUT, you can easily connect with the wp reader through either a google or FB acct if you don’t have a WP one, so I get the best of both worlds now.

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            1. Thank you, Suze! Maybe I’ll pursue it a bit further.

              The workaround I’m using is an old MS program called “Open Live Writer.” It also has all the bells and whistles that WP offers (inserting pics, videos, text changes, etc). One of the nice things about it is once you “save” it to your WP blog, the old WP editor comes up so you can make modifications directly online. The disadvantage is, of course, having to deal with two programs. Anyway, thanks again.

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