3 thoughts on “Keep preaching

    • Hello ospreyshire. The difference between those with personal faith and those who have religion, is personal faith is personal. It is used to guide the way the person lives only, never forced on others. It is internal for personal growth, not external for show.

      Religion is a reality show competition used externally to control others. It is to be forced on others to prove how worthy the religious person is. It is never directed inward but always outward. It is uplifting, but instead a club to beat down others.

      If a person uses their faith to shape their life and brings them closer to harmony I am very supportive. If a person uses their religion to try to shape my life and to force me under their control I will fight them with all my being.

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      • Hello Scottie. That’s a good observation about personal faith and religion. I didn’t think of it in that way.

        Reality show competition? That’s an interesting metaphor of sorts. You could even make that an argument when it comes to denominations of the same religion/belief system especially when it’s backed by sociopolitical means. It’s being a pharisee in the worst way possible, if that makes sense.

        Exactly and I do agree with people using faith or a belief system in constructive ways and helping other people. It’s one thing if someone talks about what they believe while not being pushy about it, but people who force their beliefs onto others turns me off as well. Thank you.

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