Deborah Birx Reportedly Confronted Pence, Called for Scott Atlas’ Removal From Covid Task Force Amid Conflicts With Health Officials

Deborah Birx Reportedly Confronted Pence, Called for Scott Atlas’ Removal From Covid Task Force Amid Conflicts With Health Officials

The Monday Washington Post report examined how Atlas became one of President Donald Trump’s top advisers despite contradicting numerous health experts with his proposed pandemic strategies. The report said that between his herd immunity advocacy, his dismissal of public safety guidelines, and other conduct, Atlas’ colleagues have taken a negative view of him, generating “discord” on the task force.

Atlas is a radiologist with no training as an epidemiologist, yet sources tell the Post that he frequently uses “junk science” to dispute the analysis of Birx, Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Robert Redfield, and FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn.

This has resulted in conflict between Birx and Atlas, per the report:

Birx recently confronted the office of Vice President Pence, who chairs the task force, about the acrimony, according to two people familiar with the meeting. Birx, whose profile and influence has eroded considerably since Atlas’s arrival, told Pence’s office that she does not trust Atlas, does not believe he is giving Trump sound advice and wants him removed from the task force, the two people said.

In one recent encounter, Pence did not take sides between Atlas and Birx, but rather told them to bring data bolstering their perspectives to the task force and to work out their disagreements themselves, according to two senior administration officials.

Atlas told the Post the article was “another story filled with overt lies and distortions to undermine the President and the expert advice he is being given.” He also denied that he or anyone else at the White House is pushing a herd immunity approach, which contradicts his previous advocacy on the idea, and he previous got in a “fierce debate” with Birx and Fauci on the matter.

The report comes shortly after Twitter scrubbed a tweet Atlas put out claiming masks don’t work at stopping the spread of Covid-19. Previous reports have also indicated that Birx has grown frustrated with the White House’s approach to the pandemic and the misinformation Atlas has been providing to Trump

The important things to notice is the qualified doctors are being sidelined and ignored while the unqualified SPTV doctor has tRump’s ear.   With tRump’s recent claim that Biden will listen to scientists used as an insult, tRump must believe listening to the knowledgeable people is wrong, it is better to listen to quacks who tell you what you want to hear.   

The fact is herd immunity was tried in Sweden, a country much different than the US, and even there it failed and caused a lot of unnecessary deaths.   The ones who pushed for it then, now say they regret doing that.   We do not even know if it is possible with this Covid virus.   

You might wonder why some would push for this policy of herd immunity which will cause a lot of unnecessary death?  Because those people are only worried about their wealth, their investments, their well being.  And yes I have known doctors like this personally.   Their entire reason for doing the medical that they did was to get wealthy and invest it to become really rich.   

The ones pushing herd immunity know it won’t be them on the front line serving people who might have Covid, it won’t be them catching Covid, it won’t be them left with unpayable high medical bills and bankruptcies losing everything if they get hospitalized with Covid, it will be you not them.    They will be safe, if they get it they have access to the best care,, and they can afford that care.   But what they can not do is make more money, lots more money, if the lower class / the workers / the average people do not go back to living as they did before Covid.    That is why they push this.   They need you to make them money, to make them richer.  If you get sick, have no healthcare, even die it means nothing really to them.  They will replace you with someone else who has no choice but to step into the line of fire in your place.  With no help from the government, no unemployment, no stimulus, no food or rent assistance what choice do most have but to accept the risk?   The risk the wealthy are not made to and are not willing to face.   

Other developed countries did not do it this way, did not ask their people to risk sickness and death.   They gave from the government to the people to pay rent and buy food.   The deaths were limited, the peoples healthcare provided.   Yet in the US we love to claim we are #1, and the wealthiest country on earth.   Are we really?   At what cost?   Hugs

7 thoughts on “Deborah Birx Reportedly Confronted Pence, Called for Scott Atlas’ Removal From Covid Task Force Amid Conflicts With Health Officials

  • Atlas is another Scott Pruitt … completely unqualified for his position and milking it for all its worth while licking Trump’s boots. I am so thoroughly disgusted by Trump’s attacks on Dr. Fauci … why, Fauci would be a better president than Trump is!!! There is no ‘herd immunity’, masks do protect people, and if Atlas and Trump have their way, I and many others would be dead inside of a month! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Somebody please, get rid of da bum! Hugs.

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    • Hello Jill. I agree. I think the majority of the country agrees with you, people are voting in record numbers every where. We here in Florida started early voting and the people were lining up at 5 AM when the polls did not open until 10. One place near me had a 2 hour wait in the rain, and people were staying to vote. We are going today or tomorrow. Hugs

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      • I am encouraged by the 30 million or so people who have already voted, as did we. Perhaps the country is finally seeing the threat, the danger … except for his hardcore evangelical base, of course … they are deaf, dumb and blind. Hugs!

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        • Hello Jill. Yes I agree, record breaking voting is happening. But just posted a clip from CNN about some well off entitled white pricks who support tRump. It was all about their money. Greed. They don’t want to part with a cent, so they support tRump even though unless they make over $400,000 from a Biden administration tax plan, to help anyone else. They kept saying they worked hard for their money and those that did not have money must be lazy or such. They out right said they did not care about any other issue concerning tRump, just that he was helping them keep more of their money, which the guy admitted he was well off being able to buy $15,000 to $20,000 dollar toys. Sickening what the country has become. I bet they were racist also so because it was Utah and I did not see any person of color at the event. Hugs

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            • Hello Nan. The entitled privilege pricks right to look down on someone somewhere. I wonder these people have never learned not to kick down but to always punch up. Hugs


          • It IS all about the money … it’s either about the money, or it’s about abortion or immigration … those seem to be the only ‘issues’ that his base even care about. Like you, I am sickened by what this country has become, what the person who allegedly represents us all stands for. Sigh. Hugs!

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