Trump Is Taking Down Names as Republicans Begin Jumping Ship on His ‘Totally Off the Rails’ Campaign

Aides are feeding the president clips in which GOP lawmakers throw him under the bus. He’s none too pleased.

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump and his allies have kept close tabs on prominent conservatives the president believes are gearing up to throw him under the bus in the event he loses his bid for re-election.

Two individuals who have spoken to Trump say the president has expressed suspicion that members of his own party believe he will be defeated by Joe Biden. That sense of paranoia has been fed by the president’s aides and confidants, who have flagged news coverage for him of Republican politicians either openly criticizing his conduct or else trying to distance themselves from a looming possible electoral bloodbath.

According to one of the sources with direct knowledge, the president is already contemplating retribution.

“[The president] said something to the effect of: If you’re backing away from him now, don’t bother coming back for a favor when he wins,” the other source said. “He made a comment about how there are some people out there who you can only count on when things are going your way.”

Some of the coverage that has been bookmarked for Trump includes recent stories on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who has not only split with the president on coronavirus-related stimulus legislation but made a point of saying he hadn’t been to the White House in weeks because of its cavalier approach to the pandemic.

Trump’s frictions with Republican senators don’t stop there. This past week, the president attacked Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) on Twitter over “a nasty rumor” that she was going to oppose his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. He said of the endangered incumbent: “Not worth the work!”

The slight was met with sighs among Trump strategists, who noted that it was utterly unnecessary: He already has enough votes for Barrett’s confirmation.

Beyond that, there is strong suspicion within Trump’s inner sanctum that Sen. Ben Sasse’s (R-NE) office leaked the contents of a call he held with constituents in which he chastised the president for embracing dictators and not condemning conspiracists. Trump’s anger with the call boiled over on Saturday with yet another Twitter attack.

Then there’s Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who has put out two recent statements targeting what he describes as a corrosive turn in national politics. Notable in those statements was condemnation for Trump and little in the way of criticism for Biden.

“You hate to see it, but having been on Capitol Hill, one great way to get attention is to speak against your own party,” said former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), who has for years served as an official Trump surrogate. “Ben Sasse is an intelligent guy and I’m sorry he’s decided this is the time to bolt, [but] I don’t know how it helps swing-state [Republicans] either…But you still don’t see the ideological people breaking. If Ralph Reed said, ‘OK, I’m out of here,’ that would be different.”

Still, those signaling that they’re ready to jump ship do include some major players in conservative politics. One of the president’s most powerful and influential confidants, billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has been telling associates he thinks Biden will win in a landslide, as The Daily Beast reported last week. Murdoch specifically said he had been repelled by the president’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis.

There is more at the link above.   The article talks about how they are already trying to assign blame and how the knives are out.  Mr. tRump is not going away.   After his defeat he will stay on social media, he will start his own radio show or TV network.   He will be on whatever platform he can keep from getting kicked off off causing hate and discontent.    He will keep doing rallies and fund raising.    He may even call it campaigning.   He loves the attention too much to let it go.    He is the stain that will never come out.   Hugs

10 thoughts on “Trump Is Taking Down Names as Republicans Begin Jumping Ship on His ‘Totally Off the Rails’ Campaign

  • Scottie, whether people love or hate the president, I think that many would agree he is a very vindictive person. I recall the example of when the House GOP was doing a touchdown dance in the White House for passing a bill to repeal and replace the ACA. One member looked on Trump’s desk and he had a list of all GOP members who voted no. That is telling.

    Now, he may need more than one sheet of paper. I think one of the things that these now bolder GOP Senators are doing is telling more Republicans that Trump’s losing is both occurring and not a bad thing for them. It certainly good for the country if he loses. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes tRump losing is a good thing, but I bet he will immediately open a new campaign for president in 2024 and keep having rallies and fundraising. He will keep attacking Republicans that pull away from him. He will keep a lot of them cowed as they will fear being primaried. The current Republicans now claiming to be against the wishes of tRump voted for his programs and bills, never would voice a negative about tRump before, so they are all talk and no action. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. I love it and hope it is so. However he has teams of lawyers to do that for him as he does now, except then he will have to pay them out of his campaign funds instead of using the DOJ as he does now. That will leave him free to fly around the country on tRump one to listen to cult rubes sing his praises while throwing their last few dollars at his feet. Hugs

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          • Scottie, he will likely take shots at the the new president by tweet or on some vehicle. If a Trump runs, it will likely be one of his offspring. Hopefully, people will squash that effort. Keith

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            • Hello Keith. I agree that the kids each think they are the next president after their father. Keep the dynasty going? But think how much money tRump has syphoned from the campaign? It has paid salary to so many of the extended family, so many sycophants. The campaign has paid all the lawyers and legal fees for all the family that tRump has not managed to get the DOJ to covered. The campaign is paying to defend Donny Jr. in several cases. Once out of office it will pay for tRump to travel around the country to do his beloved rallies. That money would have to come from tRump’s funds instead, and he doesn’t have that kind of money. He is a grifting conman and he has to keep the con going. IMO. Hugs


  • Poor widdle guy. His ego is being attacked. Gee. How sad. Too bad. 😥

    But yes … if he does happen to stay in office (HORRORS!), he will most definitely seek revenge against those who spoke against him because that’s who he is. An immature, vindictive bully.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes, but as I told Keith I think he will still seek revenge. He is going to do two things. Either open a radio show or some sort of TV network that he can keep the base fixed on him and get their praise, giving him the place to attack Republicans who do not follow his will. Or he will immediately announce he is running for president 2024, open a campaign and start fundraising / rallies. Using these he will keep the base, its admiration he craves, the funds he can grift, and still control the Republicans that will fear he will have the base primary them. Either way tRump will stay the Republican party’s problem because they lacked the courage to deal with him when they had the chance. Hugs


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