GOP Senator: God Wants Godly Men In Government

Ready for the theocracy?  That is their desire, not democracy.   These Christian groups have worked hard to their people in positions of power.   The Mormons believe the government will fall and a Mormon will rise to lead the nation as god commands.   Scary.   Hugs

GOP Senator: God Wants Godly Men In Government

“If the godly men of this nation would actually love their wife, love their children and would actually walk with God in the workplace, we would not have the nation that we’re in right now.

“If your faith is something that affects your weekends; That’s not a faith – that’s a hobby. A hobby is something you do on weekends. Faith is something that permeates every part of what you do.

“God has an interest in what’s happening in politics. It’s not that we’re a theocracy. We’re not a theocracy. We’re a republic.

“But it is clear that God, as the creator, is interested in who’s actually serving in government as well and what their values and what their morals really are and what their priorities are.

“If you look at the Old Testament, 36 of the 39 books in the Old Testament were written to, by or about a political leader.” – GOP Sen. James Lankford, who says God told him in 2009 to run for Congress.

RELATED: James Lankford has voted in line with very godly Trump’s positions 89% of the time. It’s what Jesus would want.

Again religion, something one forces on others.    Hugs

8 thoughts on “GOP Senator: God Wants Godly Men In Government

    • Hello Keith. I agree. It is like a story I read yesterday about a preacher complaining about how Cal Cunningham’s adultery had not tanked his popularity. He was going on about sexual purity. He supported Tom Tillis. He also was a big tRump supporter! The hypocrisy was so thick I don’t know how he could breath. Yet so many of these moral police who want to tell others how to live give a pass for those actions for themselves and those they like. Just like Jerry Falwell. Students had to live under a honor code he felt exempt from, even as he was enforcing it. Hugs

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      • Scottie, as we discussed on my blog, while Cunningham showed poor judgment to wander in the middle of a campaign, it is his business. He was separated at the time and it was consensual. Now, the president has been legitimately accused of sexual assault or misconduct by over twenty women, he has had two know affairs while married to Melania and likely more before, and he has bragged on Howard Stern’s show that he liked to walk in the dressing rooms of his Teen Miss USA pageants unannounced to see the girls in varying degrees of uncoveredness. Then, there is the Access Hollywood tape where he brags on doing what many of the women accused him of. It is not the same thing. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I agree. Yet that preacher couldn’t see that. He scolded Cal Cunningham and his supporters while loving and praising tRump. That disconnect was more than I could stand. That is why I never want any tRump loving religious leader to try to lecture me on moral and how to live a moral life. They have voided all authority they may have ever had as far as I am concern. Would you like me to find the story and send you the link? Hugs


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