4 thoughts on “It is getting much worse despite the Republican lies

  • Scottie, thanks. I saw a stat where 58% of Americans disapproved of the job the president has done on handling COVID-19, yet 40% approve. Excuse my language, but how in the hell can 40% think he has done a good job. I would love for Biden to say at the debate “Mr. president, we have over 220,000 dead American, let’s keep our eye on what is important.” Keith

    PS – a global survey by Pew announced last month, said only 13% trusted the US president on handling COVID-19 – that is about right.

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    • Hello Keith. I agree. Yet here in Florida Gov. DeSantis is taking steps to further hide the numbers. tRump with Scott Atlas pushing him is trying to claim we all need to return to pre-Covid life styles. I was listening to some clips of tRump claiming people are tired of hearing about Covid, they don’t want news about it, they want to be left alone. All sorts of garbage like that. Hugs


      • Scottie, I think there is a reckoning. It is harder to hide the president’s incompetence or lack of empathy. Desantis and other sycophants are beyond foolish trying to hide this person’s folly. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I am not sure how well you followed the DeSantis run for governor. He barely won and there is good reason to think he did not. He was supported heavily by openly racist groups. He is not very smart but he is connected to despicable groups and he is Republican. Hugs


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