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  • And he’s doing such a wonderful job of it all. I shudder to think he might get more time to finish the job, but he has made so many stupid remarks lately that I am having renewed hope that the general voting public will take note and vote him out. I’m thinking about starting the first colony on Venus as soon as I can find transportation to an out of this world place. But then maybe the Turd will get a rocket ride to Pluto instead. That would maybe solve some of our problems, but if there is life on Pluto I feel sorry for them. It would give him a chance to be king of his own planet though. Hugs!

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    • Hello Angela. I am not sure. This morning I watched and posted a clip from CNN. It was about white well off tRump supporters. They were very clear it was all about their money and not wanting to part with any to help the rest of the country. It is your lazy fault you are not well off was the refrain. That has long been debunked, but you wouldn’t know it by this crowd. Greed. That and I noticed they were all white and mostly men. Hugs

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      • I read some of this in the Washington Post today, including “then and now” responses from people who voted for him in 2016; A few said they wouldn’t touch him again but for the most part they think he has done a great job and will be even better during his second term. I don’t know what they base their opinions on but apparently they think all those tweets of his are a Democratic plot — his mantra! Hugs!

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    • Hello Jill. Very true. I can not stand that the president of the US can not form a complete sentence and has a very limited vocabulary repeating the same words over and over like a parrot. Do you think tRump will pull out of the debate or walk off the stage? Will he pull a stunt like walk up to Biden. We know he would love to infect Biden with Covid. Maybe he will sneak in a megaphone? Hugs

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      • Those are interesting questions, Scottie, that I hadn’t even considered.

        I would definitely not put it past him to walk up to Biden and scream in his face … although, supposedly, he’s not longer “infected.” And walking out? Yes … also a VERY good possibility since he will HATE-HATE-HATE being “muted.”

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        • Hello Nan. We know he has to make the debate about him. He has to be the center of attention. He also can not stand to look weak. As I posted earlier this morning, his supporters claim he is an alpha male. As for being infected he had to be positive in the last debate and avoided the Covid test deliberately, I think with the idea of infecting Biden. I just know he will pull some stunt, he can not stand calmly and listen to someone else for two minutes. He will make faces and throw his hands around at the least. Hugs

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      • When you watch one of Obama’s speeches, then one of Trump’s, the difference is stupefying. Granted, few are the sort of statesman that Obama was, but few are as ignorant and uneducated as Trump, either. I’m not sure … for a time, I thought he would use the muted mics as an excuse to cancel, for his ratings from the 1st debate were not good. Now, though, it appears he does plan to attend the debate, so … I’m not sure what to expect. Not sure if I’m gonna watch it or not, either … not sure this old heart can take much more stress. But, I probably will.

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        • Hello Jill. I bought a small USB device and a cheap small antenna that allows me to watch and record broadcast TV on my computer. Works like a champ. I use it to record news programs I wont be able to watch. So I will set it to record the debate on two different channels. But I subscribe to TYT also, the low tier, that lets me watch all the programs and they do a live stream of the debates that I can watch the next morning. So I will end up going to bed my normal early evening time. Have fun, stay safe, keep a cat around to lower blood pressure while you watch. My money is on tRump pulling a stunt and trying to derail the event while pretending he is being funny. I heard this morning that his debate prep team told him to joke and seem happy. Hugs

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          • You’re smart to do it that way! I suppose I will watch it … sigh … maybe after they mute his mic a few times, he’ll storm off like he did from the 60 Minutes interview! Or maybe he’ll have an attack of apoplexy and be carried off! Never a dull moment, eh? Hugs.

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            • Hello Jill. I was surprised. Yes he made faces and lied, but other than clearly getting really angry a few times, he did not do a real stunt. He did try to talk over his time limit repeatedly. Hugs

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              • He was merely a slightly toned-down version of his usual self … I had to take the headphones off and step away from the computer a couple of times, but overall it wasn’t quite as infuriating as the last one. I was thoroughly disgusted today by some fans and also the media for giving him lavish praise for ‘toning it down’. Have we set the bar that low, that a person is great because they don’t utter obscenities for a whopping 90 minutes? Sigh. Hugs

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  • Scottie, this cartoon portrays where I have gravitated toward as an example of Donald J. Trump in folklore. He is the Queen of Hearts from the cartoon version of “Alice in Wonderland.” Think of the sycophants rushing around her as he hollers “off with his/ her head” to those who disagree. The mousy king would be AG William Barr. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes good analogy. Did you read where tRump is pissed that Barr will not order the arrest of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Plus Barr wont just make up charges against the FBI and Mueller investigations. Yes the president of the US, a democracy , wants his opponent arrested and jailed on fake charges like what happened in Brazil. He has already said he doesn’t think Barr will be AG in his next term. I think Barr can see that tRump is losing and realizes that if he did what tRump wants he could face serious charges himself. Hugs


      • Agreed. One of the quietest reports was a few weeks ago that exonerated the FBI on starting the investigation. Although the report noted some sloppiness, it did not find any wrongdoing. The report was released with little fanfare – I am certain the president did not read it. Keith

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