‘Dunes and Deplorables’: A Trump rally in the sand

Notice for them it is all about money.  Having more money than others they feel don’t work as hard or are not as deserving.   They do not care about anyone or anything else.   They do not realize that they are uninformed and that Biden’s tax plan only adds tax to people making over $400,000.   I just posted about hundreds of children who will never be returned to their parents because of the hate of this administration, yet these all white well off people don’t care.   Entitled pricks.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “‘Dunes and Deplorables’: A Trump rally in the sand

  • Yep! They want to be able to spend (as the guy said) $15,000-$20,000 on a “toy” to have FUN … while there are people who don’t even have $15-$20 to spend on food for their kids.

    They like Trump because he won’t “take away” their money and give it to those “lazy people” who “won’t work.”

    The propaganda of the Republican Party simply oooozes out of the pores of every individual at this event.

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    • Hello Nan. This is Utah, so the change of a lot of these people being Mormon is very high. Yet no concern for the least among us. How self-centered and egotistical of these people. They are entitled, they worked for theirs, like the person working two or three jobs to try to make ends meet is not working hard enough. These types of people don’t see they have any responsibility to the society they live in they just feel they should be able to take. They do not feel they need to give to the community they live in , they just want to be admired for being upstanding citizens and pillars of the community. I knew doctors who were over charging people / the hospital so they could go on month long vacations twice a year and live the high life who would brag how their kid was going through medical school with out any bills or loans. Why don’t all young people who want to be doctors deserve the same free education as it benefits society? Hugs


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