8 thoughts on “Government sponsored child kidnaping and trafficking

  • I remember hearing in AA that people accuse you of what they are themselves guilty.

    Don’t forget that it’s not the fault of the government, anyway. It’s the kids’ parents’ fault for bringing them here in the first place. If they really cared about those kids, they would have stayed in the hell they were from. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this one.

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    • Hello Polly. Yes it doesn’t make sense when you break it down, does it? But the haters don’t bother. Plus think of how great a worker a person who was willing to walk a 1,000 miles with children just to save their lives, would be. I can site towns that have been rebuilt and came back from destitution by inviting immigrants to move there. But facts don’t matter to those in the country and administration who base their views on hate. Hugs


  • Are you telling me they didn’t have some sophisticated means of tracking the children and their parents with the ultimate goal of reuniting them either in this country or their own? Well I’ll be damn.

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    • Hello Ruth. Seriously hard to believe isn’t it. No plan, no thought for tomorrow, their only concern was to terrorize and cause harm, to be cruel enough to hope it sends the message “Don’t come here or we will steal your children” to people who have no choice but death if they don’t come anyway. These are leaders of the US, these are long term congress people such as Jeff Sessions, and they just did a gang snatch and grab on kids, some were babies and toddlers. That is child trafficking. I remember posting on the drugged out kids on midnight flights to cities far in the north where they were turned over to religious adoption agencies, without the real parents knowledge or approval. Many of those kids were sold to other families for a huge price ( adoption agencies charge for child placement ) and wont ever be returned to their rightful families. Stolen kids. You might want to listen to my recent post by Beau of the fifth column. Sad isn’t it, it tears me up every time I read or think on these poor kids. Hugs


  • Scottie – it’s the other side of this coin that’s even MORE bothersome: the fact that more than 10,000 of those refugee children were SOLD to adoptive parents through various ” Adoption Agencies,” and what few records were kept are not available to anyone except at the highest levels of the DHS. They are citing “privacy, safety and security” as the reasons for withholding that info, but I suspect it’s more “out of sight, out of mind,” and it’s usually best to NOT keep records of nefarious and/or illegal actions.
    And there was very little oversight, regarding the legitimacy of some of those adopting-out agencies, and the DHS, ICE and CBP are steadfastly refusing to cooperate with any journalistic investigations, or even requests by Congress-critters for more info, or even a few sparse details.

    Slavery is still alive and well in the USA. Especially sex-slavery.

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    • Hello Dennis. Also those adoption agencies were Christian religious ones. Those kids are now being religiously indoctrinated to grow up to further the religion and give the church more money. Hugs

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      • Scottie – the majority of them were faith-based, and mainly Xtian, but what got me started on my investigation was a short news piece not long ago about how “Overcrowding is no longer a problem at most of the child-refugee holding facilities.” I couldn’t believe how it was spun as a “feel-good” article, relating how the children were “successfully adopted-out” to people willing to pay the fees, which were somewhat exorbitant in some instances, I suppose for the more “desirable” young teenage girls.
        And though I’ve searched high and low, there’s no way of finding out how much money was made by whom, and where it went, or what it was used for. Those faith-based groups are allowed to keep “proprietary information” like that private.

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