I Voted

I am wrecked.   Ron and I went back to the voter station.   The line was only about ten feet out side the doors.    I told Ron I would do it with just my cane.   I felt I could as I reminded him how fast the line has moved in the past.   That was a mistake.   The line moved so slow.   As Ron reminded me I have not done any walking since Covid as I don’t go to stores even.   It took about 35 to 40  minutes from when we got in line to where I slid my ballot into the reader.   

They had a greeter after you enter the room in the back sort of in the center.   The man never stopped talking.   I was starting to struggle to stand while I was waiting, he noticed and asked if I needed any assistance.   I told him if possible I would like to sit to vote.  I have done that most of the times and they have tables set up.   I was called, went up to one of the stations to sign in.   Got my ballot and shuffled my way to the table they told me.   I was really starting to struggle.    I got sat down and went over the ballot.  I was sitting next to the poll watchers and wondered what they thought when I pulled out my printed up cheat sheet I did for Ron and I.    Then I had a problem.   In the past when I was bad Ron has came back to me after he voted and helped me stand.   I was stuck.   I shifted, and pushed.   I was about to ask one of the people for assistance, but I know they are not allowed to talk to the voters.  I made it to my feet and shuffled to the front, to the line to feed the paper ballot into the readers.   I got up there and did it.   Ron was at the exit and he held my cane and sticker while I used the hand sanitizer.   I nearly fell over as my back gave out and I was bending over not able to straighten up.   Ron noticed and gave me my cane and helped me.   I admitted I was wrong not to use my walker.   But I really thought I could do it.   

Ron and I are both very happy to have voted.   I talked with the staff as I was signing in and waiting.   The say it has been swamped every day.   It has not stopped from opening to closing.   I did not see any maga stuff, not one thug pretending to poll watch.  I did not see any police.  As we were just getting in line a school bus pulled up and a load of kids of different ages poured out and rushed into the center.   Most were masked.   The place doubles as a community center for all ages, and it is really large and nice.   They offer a lot of programs.   The only security I seen was an old man in a semi uniform with no tools who directed people around and greeted all the kids.   

I learned my lesson as I slowly shuffled back to the car.   Ron was nice but firm that from now on I would use the walker until my back strengthened again if there was any doubt.  I did notice a few other people there with them and a lot of people with canes.    

Great news, Ron and I voted!   Cheers for Biden and Harris.   Hugs



10 thoughts on “I Voted

  • So glad you and Ron were able to vote! I felt such a sense of relief after I voted last week, like I had a great weight off me. I have an adult son with multiple sclerosis who has to switch between cane, walker, scooter, wheelchair. It’s hard to judge sometimes, but important to guard your strength and energy for more important things than standing in lines.


  • I got my vote in too. There was a short line here in Hickville, but wasn’t bad. I didn’t see any so called ballot watchers either, which is good, I probably would have been a smart ass 🙂

    Im having a terrible back day today, I really feel for what you had to go through to vote. Glad you got it done. Next time listen to Ron 😉

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    • Hello ShellDigger. I expected to see maga thugs. I was happy not to see any. No tee shirts or hats with slogans either. I am glad you got to vote, sorry about your back. I was at fault. We took my walker, it would have been easy to use it, and Ron did ask if I wanted it. But I was being stubborn and really thought I could do it because in the past it was zip in and out. I learned my lesson. Hugs


  • Great news!!!! Glad you got to vote and it’s great to hear about how many people are voting. I truly wish I had some maga poll watchers bother me! Man, I’d have fun effing with ’em! (However, I voted by mail weeks ago and..well…had no trouble with poll watchers.)

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    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. The people in the line around us were friendly. One woman further up the line stirred up a mini panic claiming you had to have your own pen, which a worker came and told everyone they had pens, but they had a small sign next to masks and sanitizer that if you wanted to be extra safe you could use your own pen. I did notice a lot of disabled and older voters. There was a steady stream of people like me who needed to sit instead of vote standing. The poll workers are great there, they always have been. I thanked them all. This is Florida, seems we have only two age groups, seniors / disabled or young 20 somethings. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. As I told Jeff it really was my fault. Ron took my walker, but as he said when we got home he mentioned before we left I was saying I would just use my cane if the line was small. So I was being stubborn and dumb. In other words, a guy. Ron figured if I got bad they would let him get my walker, but by the time I got really bad Ron was already signed in and voting. But we made it. Got home and I rested in my chair, took some of my meds. Ron made me a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, I waited until it was safe to go to bed, and went to bed at 5 PM.

      I got up this morning at 2 AM and feel much better. I was going to make my vote count if they had to drag me to the vote reading machine at that point. But I did learn my lesson, I have deteriorated a lot more than I thought. I have to adjust my estimate of my own capabilities. Hugs

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    • Hello Keith. I think I will keep watching and posting the Lincoln Project ones. This is not the time for me or any democracy advocate, anti-tRump, pro-Democrat person to let up. Listening to tRump babble and create wild fantasies compared with Biden who is fact on and knows what he is talking about makes me want to keep fighting against tRump and Republicans. Hugs


      • Scottie, I send out a weekly email to about 200 folks, usually a softer version of one of my blogs. Last week’s one on “Global reputation of the US and Trump worsens – per Business Insider” got a nice response from several. Yesterday, I sent out “The biggest lie – “I created this economy.” We need to keep sharing stuff with others as we cannot let off the gas. Keith

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