8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about 500 kids and a message to suburban moms….

  • not “we” can’t find them it is home land security brown shirts, ice brown shirts. it is the orange ferret wearing treason weasel wish. it is our shame. but all those maga hats are happy with the situation


    • Hello nowamfoundatlast. I agree that the maga hats love it. But the ones looking for the parents are a team of lawyers actually going door to door in some places. I do not know who is paying for them, but I know the courts ordered the US government to do it, allow it, and cooperate. How much the government is cooperating I don’t know. But these kids were the first ones taken and there was no attempt to record who was any of the children’s parents or family. They did not keep records of where the kids were sent or to who the kids were sent to. The searchers have managed to interview the older children and help them, but the younger children it is a shot in the dark as to where to start. Plus I have read that when the parents are found getting them back to the US is very difficult because of the rules put in place by tRump and crew. The lawyers have to go back to the courts every step of the way. Hugs


    • Hello nowamfoundatlast. Yes with Stephen Miller and the tRump administration racist the cruelty was intention and it delighted them. I think some got off on every video of a crying child. I seen the great tee shirt on the Beau of the fifth column video that said, “Beyond America’s borders do not live lesser people”. I wish more people understand that. Hugs


    • Hello nowamfoundatlast. It is heart breaking isn’t it. I hate that this is what our nation has become. How badly the world must see the US now, the conventions we use to fight for protecting children and the most vulnerable we are now violating. Hugs


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