Comment from the story below. Seems correct

GOP Loses NC Fight To Limit Absentee Ballot Counting

We have to watch this.

Because “Sure, you voted on time, but we didn’t manage to count them all fast enough, so your vote won’t count” can apply just as easily to in-person vote tallies as it does for mail-in votes.

They’re trying to shift the idea of “election day” from the deadline for voting to the deadline for counting, and from “votes cast by election day” to “votes counted by election day.”

And that’s assuming everyone who wants to vote on election day has access to voting machines and locations – something the GOP has been mucking with for decades now.

It seems inconceivable that they might try to say that “Yougotabekidding County didn’t tally all their votes by midnight on election day, so we’ll just ignore all those votes cast,” but we have to recognize that that’s exactly what they’re trying to do with the mail-in ballots. Prior to this election, I’d say that such an idea is the stuff of the tinfoil-hattiest conspiracy theories, but this time it seems completely conceivable. Combine that with the clear and obvious efforts (some of which will succeed) to slow down the mail, and it is even more obvious.

3 thoughts on “Comment from the story below. Seems correct

  • If it worked like that they’d be like “We’re taking a 2 hour break, we’ll come back and work for twenty minutes, then take another 2 hour break…”

    Slimy bastards, all of them. The R party is rotten to the core. If there was a good man/woman among them, they would have stood up by now.

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    • Hello ShellDigger. The Republicans crave power. If democracy interferes with their attempts get more power, they will get rid of Democracy and try to keep power. Sadly there is 32% of the country that is OK to lose their democracy yet won’t wear masks due to a mistaken idea of personal freedom. Hugs


      • Quite unfortunate, that does describe well our current predicament.

        If something like that comes to pass, I’ll be supporting the revolution. I’d much rather see a clean Biden win, and the R’s slowly begin crawling back into the fucking sewers.

        …and the irony is blinding.

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