14 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The US is dead tired of tRump

  • Scottie, even if this president had a clue of how to run a country and did so with some level of competency above what he has done, I would be tired of him. I think it was Jennifer Lawrence, but it may have been another actress, who said when Obama was president, you did not hear from him but every so often. Trump opines on everything throughout each day. He wears me out. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I am watching a recording of the debate. Your right, I am sick of him. He is lying, misdirecting, slandering Biden & family, and totally not understanding how government works. Biden seems to be doing well, I noticed only two stuttering stumbles. Hugs


      • Scottie, I just cannot bring myself to watch the supposed leader of the country just babble on with untruths. This racist person says “he is the least racist person in the room.” He is not talking with the KKK. He has a “beautiful health care plan” which is what he said in 2016, but we had to vote for him to see it. And, so on. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I agree. Plus he has no concept of humor or sarcasm. When tRump made that claim to have done more than anyone maybe even Lincoln Biden called him “Abe over here … ” tRump couldn’t figure it out and looked stupid claiming he never said he was Lincoln not understanding what Biden was saying. Biden just smiled and laughed. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. ShellDigger liked the forest one also. Today I did something I rarely do, I did not post four or five political cartoons because of the subject matter. The Rudy Giuliani cartoons were just too raw for me. Hugs

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  • I think starting January 21st, (fingers crossed) when Biden is on his first full day as president, the media needs to just cut Trump off. Just don’t cover him or whatever stupid thing he does… unless he’s getting indicted or going to court or whatever. Whatever crap statements he makes or whatever, just cut the national mic.

    Besides, Twitter’s always been his medium. It can stay that way. We need new air and new blood in the White House, and clinging to this guy because of ratings or “perceived interest” is gonna kill the media. They need a detox from Trump like we all do. Stop reporting on him. That will be a good official restart for this country after the election’s over.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. While I agree, it is not going to happen that way. Twitter gets away with letting tRump violate their polices because he is president. They would face a hard time and maybe court challenges if they continued to let him tweet the things he does now after he leaves office.

      The media is not fair nor is it liberal, despite the many accusations it is. They will continue to cover tRump for a long time. He is ratings gold for them, and that drives their revenue. Also they do not want to deal with the law suits tRump will throw at them if the boycott him. In fact I expect him to try to get a new TV show of some kind. There will be some assholes who will bankroll it. Hugs

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      • if it ended up being an hour show, how long would he last? Then again, after watching FUX editorialists for all these years, he knows all he’d have to do is talk about something that’s going on for two minutes and then bitch about it for the next 45

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. tRump has shown for four years he is very able to whine and complain about how unfair everything is to him. He could go on for ever and repeat the same aggrieved lines forever. He wouldn’t be able to talk about anything real for even 2 minutes. Every day it would be a rehash of his demented mind and his weird idea that the entire world is supposed give him anything he wants and everyone should agree with him at every turn. Everyone needs to constantly praise him or it is unfair and rigged against him. Hugs

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          • In that case, really rub it in his face by getting one of the no-name folks with the signs on streetcorners saying “the world is ending” to have their own timeslot, too… and watch their ratings climb. He’s not the only one who can shout his head off–he’s just the best well known. Maybe that’ll tell people he’s not original, he’s just a white trash conman (with inflated balance sheets)

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