McConnell Urges WH Against Stimulus Deal With Dems

McConnell Urges WH Against Stimulus Deal With Dems

Fox News reports:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged the White House not to strike a big coronavirus deal before the election, despite President Trump’s public wishes to do so.

McConnell is concerned that Pelosi, D-Calif., is not negotiating in good faith with the White House. And if a big deal is struck — which Trump has said he wants before Nov. 3 — then voting on the legislation could interfere with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Senate Republicans also want to avoid any public disputes before Election Day as many conservative senators have grave misgivings about spending another roughly $2 trillion on coronavirus relief, especially as the 2020 fiscal year closed with a $3.1 trillion annual deficit.

Nothing including saving the lower class / workers / poor lives must interfere with ramming a religious ideolog on to the highest court.  Our lives mean nothing to the Republicans, especially Moscow Mitch.   Cementing an unpopular minority ideology in the courts to force the country to follow their outdated polices long after they have been voted out.    Hugs

7 thoughts on “McConnell Urges WH Against Stimulus Deal With Dems

    • Hello Nan. Yes, very true. The stimulus bill McConnell is pushing is all for business. Nothing for the people, renters, landlords, restaurants, small establishments. There is no food assistance, and no unemployment assistance. The thing McConnell doesn’t seem to understand is money to business only helps the stock market. It doesn’t help the economy at all. The economy needs people to buy and sell. That gets money moving, flowing. The reason the economy is so bad is people do not have any money to buy, and so no one can sell. If they want the economy to come back to working, they need to give money to the people. This is what the other countries did, and they kept their economies going. Their people kept their housing, they were able to buy food, and they did not fear their needed healthcare would bankrupt them. This country is a third or fourth rate nation now. The people deserve better. Hugs


      • The thing McConnell doesn’t seem to understand is money to business only helps the stock market.

        I disagree! I think McConnell knows this all too well! After all, he’s a Repuke!

        BTW, have you seen the pics of him with bruised and bluish-looking skin? What’s up with that do you think?

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        • Hello Nan. Ron quipped that someone worked him over. I thought he fell. Then Ron got serious and said he thought it was a serious health issue. While people on long term use of some medications like Prednisone can cause severe bruising, and blood thinners can cause discoloration from bleeding under the skin none of those fit the images. Neither of them causes hand swelling. I will ask Ron again when he wakes up what he thinks. Hugs


          • I was reading that bruising like this is caused by lack of oxygen in the blood. Also anemia. In any event, it LOOKS really bad, plus it appears from the bandages that he’s had some sort of treatment.

            Of course the questions is — why does he insist nothing is wrong?

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            • Hello Nan. I forgot to ask Ron. I have been hospitalized with anemia and it did cause me to collapse and fall over at the very worse. For me it mimics heart trouble. Shortness of breath, problems with my pulse, chest pain, but it never caused swelling. Yes I agree he had treatment, but as you know the hands are the last place to insert an IV or take blood.

              Why does he deny it? He is a Republican. Maybe he is afraid he will get voted out if people realize how sick he may be. Hugs

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              • That last sentence of yours sums it up perfectly.

                The same with Trump. It’s next to impossible to accept that he’s totally well after his bout with Covid … especially since it was bad enough that they treated him with remdesivir. No telling what he’s taking now!

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