New Columbia Study Blames the White House for at Least 130,000 ‘Avoidable’ COVID Deaths

“We believe that this was a monumental, lethal screwup by an administration that didn’t want to deal with reality,” said the study’s lead author.

new report from Columbia University on COVID-19 deaths estimates that hundreds of thousands of Americans died because the United States’ response to the pandemic was an “abject failure,” particularly the actions of President Donald Trump. With an adequate response, the United States could have avoided tens of thousands of deaths and an incalculable amount of suffering, the researchers said.

Dr. Irwin Redlener, the lead author on the study and the founding director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, laid the blame at the feet of the White House in an interview with The Daily Beast: “We believe that this was a monumental, lethal screwup by an administration that didn’t want to deal with reality.”

In the report, titled “130,000–210,000 Avoidable COVID-19 Deaths—and Counting—in the U.S.”, researchers at Columbia’s NCDP studied “the staggering and disproportionate nature of COVID-19 fatalities in the United States.”

The researchers compared the coronavirus response of the U.S. to that of six other countries— South Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada, and France—and found that the American government’s response to the pandemic rated unfavorably against them all. The U.S. has suffered a COVID-19 fatality rate more than double that of Canada and 50 times that of Japan. Extrapolating from the deaths per 100,000 people in each country, the researchers estimated how the U.S. might have fared had it followed the example of a more robust response. The answer: always better than it did in reality.

“If the U.S. had followed Canadian policies and protocols, there might have only been 85,192 U.S. deaths—making more than 132,500 American deaths ‘avoidable.’ If the U.S. response had mirrored that of Germany, the U.S. may have only had 38,457 deaths—leaving 179,260 avoidable deaths,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers chose the half dozen countries that have achieved some level of success in responding to the pandemic.

“We should model ourselves on the best. We should be the best,” Redlener said. “We have the resources, the economy, the scientific expertise to do this the right way. We’re facing a lethal pandemic, and we had very misguided leadership that chose to berate the purveyors of masks and social distancing. The president himself became a superspreader. He has blood on his hands.”

Researchers cite several well-known but catastrophic factors that plagued the U.S. response: insufficient testing, delayed lockdowns, a lack of a unified federal response, and a failure to mandate non-medical interventions like masks and social distancing. American leaders, the researchers wrote, have shown a “failure to model best practices,” especially wearing masks during public appearances. Though research publications rarely venture into politics, both Scientific American and the New England Journal of Medicine have published editorials excoriating the Trump administration for its handling of the pandemic in the past month.

“There continues to be confusion, mismanagement, and dishonesty, and we’re reaping the consequences of misconduct in office. Usually academic publications are not so overtly political, but this incredibly anti-science administration has caused an enormous tragedy in America. The fact that these deaths could have been avoided is a stunning realization,” Redlener said.

More than 220,000 people in the United States have died of the coronavirus this year, and over 8.3 million have tested positive, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Public health experts estimate that millions more have contracted the virus but not received an official diagnosis because of a lack of adequate testing. The actual death toll from the virus also may be much higher than recorded.

Public health officials across the country are warning that the upcoming winter may be an especially brutal period as coronavirus infections rise to a third peak and flu season arrives. Adding to that gloomy forecast, the Columbia researchers wrote that the federal government’s “continued mismanagement” of the pandemic shows few indications of improvement: “The abject failures of U.S. government policies and crisis messaging persist.”

The end, according to Redlener, is nowhere in sight.

“Americans have a bad case of pandemic fatigue. We want to get back to some semblance of normalcy, but we never did what we had to do to achieve that state,” he said. “We’ve delayed the return of normalcy and fallen into this web of dishonesty and opposing science that was concocted by the president.”

Is there more to say.  The US president so screwed up the response to Covid 19 that we have possibly thousands more deaths than we would need to have suffered.   Is this the work of a stable genius?   Hugs

5 thoughts on “New Columbia Study Blames the White House for at Least 130,000 ‘Avoidable’ COVID Deaths

  • In plain, simple, easy-to-understand — and non-debatable — language: HE. DOESN’T. CARE.

    Even contracting the virus himself (or so we’ve been told), it changes nothing. The ONLY way (and even that’s debatable) his thinking might have changed would have been if he’d actually SUFFERED. But since he apparently didn’t (at least to any degree), he is still the same uncaring, conspiracy-believing a-hole as before.

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    • Hello Nan. During the debate he kept saying how getting the virus was nothing, easy to get over. And his followers will believe that with realizing the advantages he and his family have. His wife still has symptoms and couldn’t attend, so is he still infected?

      Nan I am very worried about these politicians, tRump included, who have given up on trying to do anything about Covid. They feel they have lost the battle and there is no way to win so let it happen as it will. As one post I made today the politician said, I will live through it hopefully. That is giving in to the thugs and lowest people in society because it is just too much effort to reach them with reason. This country is in big trouble.

      tRump doesn’t care about anyone but himself you are correct. During the debate he kept referring to the stock market and how great it was, and when Biden said that was not the majority of the people tRump replied with 401 K’s were doing great. But he failed to mention all the people who lost jobs, were unemployed, or who had to tape their 401K and take the loss just to survive.

      tRump has always had a huge disconnect between reality of how people live and how he lives. During the debate he tried to slam Biden by claiming Biden has many homes. But that is tRump, he has many homes. He projected everything about himself on to Biden.

      It seems tRump and those that follow him are desperate to pretend Covid never happened. Why? Hugs


      • To a degree, I can understand. It’s Covid fatigue. Think about it. From almost the very beginning, it’s been a battle between Trump and Science. And when you have a “Trump” endlessly tweeting his personal “opinion” about the virus, along with downplaying anything science says about it, many people get confused and don’t know what to think. After all, this is the POTUS speaking!

        Eventually, as we know, the Virus spoke louder than Trump, but by then, many people had swallowed the kool-aid.

        And here we are.

        I don’t know what will happen when Biden takes over. Obviously, he supports science. But will he truly be able to institute a turnaround? There are a LOT of hardcores out there …

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        • Hello Nan. That is the problem we will have for sure. The people now pushing the anti-mask stuff are spouting stuff from hard right media and full of falsehoods. I hear these people pushing how masks poison you and all sorts of misinformation.

          When tRump loses they wont accept it and they will fight everything Biden and his people try to do, simply due to the fact he won over tRump. The fact that a person with a D behind their name is trying to tell them to do something will cause them to fiercely do the opposite. Out of spite. But worse is the elected Republicans that have taken the Democratic governors and local democratic officials to court trying to end the life saving precautions. All over party affiliation, for personal power. So yes they will be a problem we will have to face. The worst will be the law enforcement that have fought the local authorities, that will spike now when Biden does a mask mandate.

          But I don’t care about their feelings and I don’t want the government to play nice with these idiots. This is about saving lives. These same idiots went nuts when nearly three thousand people died on 9/11, well now 222,000 have died and they need to get upset and serious about that. They are predicting 300,000 by the end of the year. This is not time to allow these uneducated science denying religious nut case rabid right wing gun touting military cosplaying fanatics kill more of our country members. If they want to open up the country and go back to the things we all enjoyed, and to have tourism and travel, then they will have to cooperate to make it happen, and wear the mask. Hugs

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