3 thoughts on “Really?

    • Hello Polly. When you think of the progression of gods, most were more limited and had human emotions and appetizes. The Greek gods / Roman gods were just reflections of the people. In the earliest parts of the bible god seems to have a body and a human need for friendship or admiration. But the Jewish / Christian people needed their god to be first, more powerful than any other gods. Hence the 1st commandment is to have no other gods before their god. Originally the angels were deities also, but they got demoted to servants. But if your deity is so powerful, so over the top in abilities, so out side time and space as the Christians claim, why would he worry about such unimportant minor issues as human relations. It makes no sense. It is like a leader of a country obsessed with the sex lives of ants and demanding all his workers observe and punish the ones he thinks are doing it wrong. We know now how unthinkably big the universe is, how unbelievably complex, and to think that after being able to create all that their deity is worried about what sex part goes where with who is beyond stupidity. Best wishes. Hugs


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