Trump Presented CBS With Book On His Health Care Record – Opened To A Blank Page–opened-to-a-blank-page/#4ffd8ea3193d

60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl opens a book provided by the White House while preparing to tape an interview with President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020.

President Trump on Wednesday tweeted photos of 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl holding a large book ostensibly documenting his healthcare accomplishments – but one photo showed Stahl opening the book to a blank page, underscoring Democratic attacks against Trump’s health care record.

Trump famously held a press conference in 2017 flanked by what appeared to be stacks of blank papers, which he said were documents focused on transitioning control of the Trump Organization to his sons. During Trump’s stay at Walter Reed for a coronavirus infection earlier this month, the White House released a photo – captioned “President Donald J. Trump Works from Walter Reed” – that appeared to show him signing his name to a blank sheet of paper.

“It is appropriate that the volumes of books printed by the White House detailing trump’s health care plan are all blank,” tweeted Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.), a reference to a long-time Democratic critique of Trump that he lacks a replacement plan if his push to eliminate the Affordable Care Act succeeds.

“For much of his first term, President Trump has claimed that significant proposals would be coming ‘soon’ or ‘in a few weeks’ or, often, ‘two weeks’ — notably health care,” wrote Yahoo News senior writer Christopher Wilson on Tuesday. “With two weeks until Election Day — and millions of votes already cast — the clock is ticking for Republicans as Democrats reprise their successful midterm strategy of warning that the administration and the GOP want to end mandated coverage for preexisting medical conditions.”

There is more at the link above.   tRump is only about the photo op.   He doesn’t care if something is true or the substance, he wants to make commercials for his brand.  Hugs

6 thoughts on “Trump Presented CBS With Book On His Health Care Record – Opened To A Blank Page

  • sending riot cops after peaceful protesters so he can cross the street to hold a prop bible in front of a prop church makes that crystal clear. This man would be nothing without the media. Starting Jan 21st, the media needs to cut off all that free access. Whatever he does, don’t report it… unless he’s getting indicted or going to prison. But no mics in front of him anymore. twitter’s been carrying his rants well enough, they can keep doing.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. During the 2016 campaign tRump got millions in free air time because he was so novel and unpredictable. Cable channels carried anything he did for as long as it took. So he did not have to buy much air time, he was getting it for free.

      Times have changed now. He is a charlatan, he is a scripted TV reality show host. He is shown to be less than an empty suit. Sadly I don’t think he will go away. He loves the admiration too much, he craves the spot light. When he loses he will announce he is running again and start trying to pull in campaign donations to fatten his bank account, he will hold rallies to get the love of his cult, he will start a radio show where he can rant for a few hours a day , or he will start a TV network ( take over oann which is hard right of even fox ) where he can promote all things tRump all the time.

      While it will be nice to get him out of our lives we are stuck with him unless death or prison takes him. Hugs

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          • Shoulda been on it 20 years ago, or 30, or 40. Of course, who knows how much it’ll mess with him at his age if that’s the case, because you can’t stay on it forever without it doing something. At least, that’s what my boyfriend in high school figured out and spent two years gradually getting the dose reduced to where he was off of it for good. Dunno if it was a health issue or insurance or what, but by 20 or 21, he was doing well without it. I saw him when he was on the highest dose and ran out–he was the most hyper thing I’d ever seen in my life. That made him want to not be dependent on it.

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            • Hello Chatty Introvert. There has been speculation about tRump because some times he is manic and some times so sluggish he seems tranquilized. Hugs


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