5 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: There is no debate, tRump is a total failure

    • Hello Nan. Yes the alternate reality zone. Did people really think there was a war on Christmas and people couldn’t say merry Christmas? What is wrong with inclusion and how does saying happy holidays cancel Christmas. Is it better to force a mistake religious idea over a holiday than having real feelings of the season? It is ludicrous to think Christ is the reason for and created the traditions for the holiday. When I see the put Christ back in Christmas signs I think how uneducated on the subject that person must be, how gullible. I just never understood this whole argument. Hugs

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      • Thanks, Scottie, I needed some laughs.

        The christian party has declared their intent to take over the world. They have determined through their astute pseudoscientific deductions that christians are best able to govern. They have one god, one christ, and 12,000 denominations which cannot agree with each other. With that much stupid backing them up, how could they go wrong?

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        • Hello Cagjr. Welcome to my Toy Box. Sorry about the delay on your comment, but I hope you will find many things here that interest you. I love editorial cartoons and memes,, and I do a daily posting of them. Hugs


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